Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Horse owners are set to reap early benefits from the establishment of a state-of-the-art veterinary school at Roseworthy, in Adelaide's northern regions.

A Northern Horse Owners Forum to be held at the site on 24 February is the first of many opportunities that will be provided in partnership with the horse industry. These events are aimed at promoting community engagement, education and industry oriented research opportunities.

"The new vet school, in particular the equine health program, is a much needed boost for the state's horse industry" said Horse SA's Executive Officer, Julie Fiedler "Investment in high quality people, visionary strategic planning and a genuine commitment to raise the skill and knowledge level of everyone from horse owners to equine veterinarians will reap untold benefits for our horses and our industry into the future"

Expertise has been gathered from around the world with such specialities as diagnostic imaging, parasitology, pharmacology, sports medicine, equine medicine and surgery. One recently recruited staff member from the UK, Dr Samantha Franklin, will share some of the latest knowledge on respiratory problems in sports horses during the horse owner's forum.

Dr Franklin's presentation will include an overview of a new diagnostic tool called an "on board scope". The scope is a device mounted on a bridle allowing veterinarians to view via a laptop exactly what is happening with the airways of a horse whilst being ridden for exercise or gallop training.

It is the first tool of its type ever to be imported into Australia.

Professor Chris Riley, Head of Equine Health Programs, will provide an update to horse owners on the planned equine hospital and new equine veterinary services to be offered to the general public starting soon. Horse owners will have an opportunity to tour the new teaching and learning facilities that have been completed to date, as part of the forum program.

" We are looking forward to working closely with horse owners and other members of our 15 billion dollar industry to provide highly trained veterinary professionals, to assist them and their veterinarians with new technologies and expertise, and to form the necessary partnerships to put South Australia at the forefront of equine research."

As a part of the forum, horse property owners can bring along bore or dam water for salinity testing, paddock soil for pH tests and pasture weeds for identification by staff from the Adelaide & Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board. There is even a free horse manure sample test available to determine equine internal parasite burdens.

Presented by Horse SA, the evening will also provide opportunity for horse owners in the northern regions to share insights about recreational riding trails and public land that is important to preserve from development. Kirsty Dudley, from Light Regional Council, will provide a regional development overview before seeking to gather information by inviting horse owners to draw their favourite trails onto a regional map.

The Northern Horse Owners Forum is free to attend, with tours of the teaching and learning areas commencing at 7pm. Registrations are essential. An information flyer can be downloaded from the Horse SA website.

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