Wednesday, February 9th, 2011
Former leading Wall Street Banker turned whistleblower in Australia for special Masterclass on 21st century resilience: learn how to avoid crises and create new opportunities.

Meet Michael Lissack, one of the top 25 Wall Street Bankers in the 1990s - a former managing director of Salomon Smith Barney, now part of Citibank.

After being an investment banker for nearly 15 years, financing more than $35 billon of infrastructure projects, Michael became best known as the Wall Street whistleblower that worked with the FBI to recover many millions of dollars for the US Government.

More recently a corporate anthropologist and serial entrepreneur having founded more than a half-dozen IT, finance, and real-estate start-ups, Michael is here to share his message about complexity in the 21st century and the pitfalls of MBA style pursuits of efficiency.

Author of the international best-selling business book “The Next Common Sense: Mastering Corporate Complexity through Coherence”, Lissack believes now more than ever before, with floods, cyclones, snowstorms, people’s revolutions, the GFC and wikileaks – all challenging the very essence of our sense of order, complexity theory is more and more relevant.

A challenging and controversial business thinker, Lissack believes there’s a need to focus on resilience not sustainability: “These days, learning to become more efficient might be dangerous. And you know what, sustainability is meaningless too.. Resilience is everything because it’s about dealing with the next set of opportunities and challenges. Sustainability assumes change has stopped”.

The Masterclass is a rare opportunity to learn how one of Wall Street’s top alumni challenges 20th century business assumptions that dominate most businesses to this day. Sharing his insights and case-studies on new-paradigm global businesses like Ikea, Visa and Amazon, Lissack will also focus on what can be learnt from his 30 years of mistakes.

Brought to you by Babel Fish Group and co-hosted with Swinburne University School of Business – this exclusive one-day Master class with Michael Lissack ends his Australian visit following his presentation at a US Military conference in Queensland next week.

Masterclass Details:
Where: Hawthorn Campus, School of Business, Swinburne University
When: Monday 21st February from 8:30am-4pm

For an opportunity to hear Michael's reflections on his best-selling book "The next common sense" register for the free Webinar scheduled Tuesday 15th 12-1pm AEDT

For an interview with Michael

Please call Andrew on 0400 352 809 or email: [email protected]

About Michael Lissack

He founded both a non-profit research institute and a charity for artists, launched an international PhD program in corporate anthropology, has written a half dozen books, been a successful Wall Street banker, and a candidate for public office. Dr. Lissack has taught at a number of academic institutions in the US and Europe, run nine international conferences on the topics of complexity, management, health care, entanglement and ethics and founded a successful academic journal (E:CO). Worth Magazine recognized Dr. Lissack as one of "Wall Street's 25 Smartest Players" in 1999 and as one of the 100 Americans who have most influenced "how we think about money" in 2001.

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