Wednesday, February 9th, 2011
American author and entrepreneur Michael Gerber is visiting Australia for the first time in seven years – and his visit could not have been timed any better.

For the past 40 years, Mr. Gerber has served as a leading voice for entrepreneurship and small business development worldwide, and now he is on a mission to help people move beyond the ‘catastrophe’ mentality.

"This has nothing to do with problem solving and everything to do with transforming your whole life in a radically creative and strategic way,” says Mr. Gerber.

“We’re trained as humans to think that if we forget the past we are in danger of repeating it – and so we hang onto events and memories and in doing so, we keep them alive in our present and future lives. The exact opposite is actually the way to move forward and grow.

“The first step on my 6-point checklist for Starting Over is to forget the past. By doing this we are able to be expansive and open to new possibilities because that’s where our future lies – in new possibilities, new ways of ‘doing’ life,” he explains.

Michael’s 6-point checklist for starting over is:

1. Forget the past
2. Remember the present (be here now)
3. Design the future
4. ACT
5. Take assessment everyday on your way
6. Repeat from step one

“Fear, rather than desire, holds back many people. As children we learn through failure but we lose that tendency as we grow, put off by continual cautioning and warnings from ‘well meaning’ friends and relatives,” Mr. Gerber says.

Michael Gerber has worked with more than 70,000 small business clients in 145 countries, published a series of enormously successful E-Myth books in more than 29 languages and has his ideas taught in 118 universities.

Michael Gerber’s only public event in Australia is at the Intercontinental Hotel (formerly The Hyatt) North Terrace, Adelaide from 8.30 am on Sunday  February 13.

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