Tuesday, February 8th, 2011
What's the real difference between good and great in the business world? Why are some business leaders better and more effective than others? Is there a formula for business success?

Aaron Day believes there is and he has not only discovered the answers to these questions, he’s created a simple, effective model that has been tested and proven to work in the real world. Now he shares his formula with the business world in the highly anticipated new book "Management Trinity-How to Manage Any Business Without Having an MBA."

Mastering the "art of management" doesn't require university degrees or advanced learning, Day advocates, but can happen when following a proven "formula" with ingredients that include leverage, opportunities, knowledge and action.

With many years of experience as a leading Australian business consultant and coach, Day has uncovered a basic core set of understandings and competencies that apply across the board to all managers in all businesses and industries. He has taken these elements and combined them into a simple, effective formula that produces consistent results for business owners and managers.

Day said that the book offers a simple, holistic system that provides a clear, easy-to-follow path, offers specific actions to take, gives the reader confidence to move forward and inspires him/her to achieve more.

"If business owners and managers can understand these key elements and then focus on refining their skills and understanding in each of the management disciplines, they will achieve dramatically greater levels of success in their day-to-day business lives," Day said. "I know this because I spend my professional life doing just that, and I’ve seen the results occur consistently."

Published by Kirkton Park Press, "Management Trinity-How to Manage Any Business Without Having an MBA" is available at Borders, Angus & Robertson, Dymocks and other bookstores throughout Australia. For more information, visit http://www.managementtrinity.com.

Praise for "Management Trinity:"

"An easy read for busy people who are looking for quick answers to improved business performance,” said Tim Lockrey, Book Group Australia.

“Provides a great formula that we’ve been able to apply across all of our businesses,” said Andrew Chriss, general manager of Chriss Group IGA Stores.

“Actual can-do strategies for putting top systems in place, one of the best business books I’ve read,” said Kate Bex, president of Kate Bex Communications.

“A great read with some really useful advice and a new way to think about my business,” said Brad Worthington, owner of Worthington BMW.

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Aaron Day

Aaron Day was born in Adelaide in South Australia and raised in Sydney. He graduated from Australia's premier business school, the Australian Graduate School of Management. He went on to receive the International Business Consultant of the Year award from one of Australia's largest coaching organizations.

Day has worked in many business sectors and on projects including corporate restructuring, business process re-engineering, performance management, staff reward and recognition programs, sales and marketing planning, strategic planning, organisational communication enhancement and executive coaching. He is a sought-after speaker at corporate events.

About The3rdgear-Business Engineering
Day founded The3rdgear a decade ago to serve small- and medium-sized businesses with cutting-edge, customised management solutions and private enterprise processes. He is a pioneer in the emerging field of Business Engineering and has worked with well-known market leaders, providing knowledge that has led to long-term business improvements. Day and his team have created unique online management tools and business diagnostic software that provide break-through solutions for business owners.
Aaron Day
P: 0400-809-888
W: www.managementtrinity.com


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