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The Australian way of using repellants is not stopping the breeding and spreading of dangerous diseases carried by mosquitoes (vectors). We now officially have our own Dengue Fever Epidemic spreading in Queensland.
Bantix believes that every Australian household should have this marvellous proven Aussie Invention to protect themselves from viruses carried by mosquitoes.

The Bantix Mosquito Slayer mosquito trap was the first commercialized application of Bantix's female mosquito attracting trap, and contains innovative features such as the patented spectrum light and sound. It uses 10 methods to attract mosquitoes in its technology mix. Some of this “attracting” technology came from studies by leading entomologists, zoologists, and universities world-wide.

The technology was incorporated into the Mosquito Slayer traps making them the best mosquito trap available in the world today.

The trap's inventor, Andrew Coventry was recently invited to Malaysia and had discussions with the country's Minister of Health and the entire vecor section of that department. Andrew met with them to discuss their dengue problem and how the trap could best be used. The trap was successfully tested by Malaysia's own leading entymologist and proved without a doubt that the Mosquito Slayer traps reduce the occurence of biting (female) dengue carrying mosquitoes.

With its own Dengue epidemic, perhaps the Government of Queensland should be doing more with Bantix's mosquito technology than just recognition of its exports. (Bantix received the Premier's Emerging Export award for SE Qld and sends its traps to over 70 countries worldwide.)

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With the development of its innovative technology, Bantix Worldwide Pty Ltd has become a World Leader in the specialised areas of mosquito traps, now exported to over 70 countries from its factory in the Gold Coast.
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Mosquito Slayer Catches and kills the Dengue Mosquito - Aedes aegypti - proven in tests


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