Friday, February 4th, 2011
Many people visit Sydney skin care clinics when they need anti aging skin treatments, but what we don’t know is these clinics can get better results than Sydney dermatologists when it comes to chronic skin conditions too.

Sia Hendry of Laser By Sia, says many Sydney Skin Clinics are now at the forefront of skin care technology and this often provides solutions to skin conditions, such as acne and eczema, where others have failed.

“Some people don’t think of Sydney cosmetic skin care clinics when they are looking for treatment of skin problems, instead turning to dermatologists,” Sia says.

“What they don’t realise is, many Sydney cosmetic skin care clinics have an amazing success rate with chronic skin conditions like acne, rosacea and eczema, because of our wiliness to try alternate treatment methods, and our need to say on the cutting edge of skin care research.”

Sia gives an example of one of her recent clients, who suffered from acne.

“She had tried everything, including visiting numerous Sydney dermatologists, but nothing had worked to clear her acne,” Sia explains. “Her confidence was severely affected.”

“At our clinic, she received an in depth skin analysis and we explained why the previous treatments hadn’t worked. We put her on a natural skin care and treatment routine and within three months, her skin was clear.”

Sia explains that latest research into cosmetic dermatology shows that a damaged epidermal barrier causes many chronic skin conditions.

“The epidermal barrier is a natural layer of skin cells that help to protect us from the elements. When this barrier is damaged – either through the use of chemicals or steroid creams or by chronic exfoliation – the skin becomes inflamed and irritated and skin problems often result,” Sia says.

“Our research shows that in almost all skin problems, the epidermal barrier is damaged. By repairing and protecting this barrier, we can solve these skin conditions.

“Unfortunately, some Sydney dermatologists still advocate the use of chemical based skin treatments. In the case of acne, a peroxide solution is often used, which can lead to significant skin irritation. And steroid-based solutions just mask a skin problem without ever really solving it, plus they lose effectiveness over time.

“At our skin clinics, we use natural, chemical-free therapies and skin treatments, for the removal of acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea, as well as to normalise oily and significantly dry skins.

“We also have treatments that work beautifully in unison with prescribed serums to enhance their effectiveness.”

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At Skin Care By Sia we use actual Candela Alexandrite lasers and NOT laser equivalents such as IPL. Skin Care by Sia is founded on the belief that skin care treatments and pigmentation treatments should be accessible to everyone. For this reason our clinic offers the most cost effective procedures in Australia whilst not sacrificing in quality. Our staff is the most highly trained and have performed over 13,972 procedures in the industry, offering years of experience in laser hair and pigmentation removal treatments to our clients.

At Laser by Sia we can assure you that we will provide you:

Cost effective treatments
the best rocedures
In a comfortable environment
So if your looking for a cost effective and affordable way of removing unwanted hair and pigmentation anywhere on your body, let Laser by Sia Clinic at Bondi Junction provide you with the most professional and friendly treatments in the industry.
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At Laser By Sia, we are often considered to be the best at everything we do. Whether you visit us for injectables, fillers, laser therapy or simply a skin assessment or skin care advice you can rely on us to give you the most up to date, technologically advanced solutions using the most experienced people. So don’t wait until you require radical reversal or facial cosmetic surgery. By visiting Laser By Sia when your beauty concerns are only superficial, you can maintain natural-looking youthfulness far longer – without anyone knowing.



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