Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

It’s that time of year again when parents and their soon-to-be-adult ‘precious ones’ are making those critical decisions about what to do now that the HSC results have been published. University is often the first choice and first round course offers have just been made.

For a number of reasons, university courses are seen as the ‘answer’ to a yet to be determined future. But what about those students that don’t get the marks required or are very capable but not particularly academic? University doesn’t have all the answers and even if they did there are other ways to get there if that is what you so desire!

I am one of the TAFE teacher’s at Ryde College and we are presently pondering these questions as we fill places in our Diploma in Hospitality Management.

We all know that hospitality is a very dynamic, often fast-paced and exciting industry. The opportunities to work overseas and interstate are endless.

A career in hospitality can take you right to the top. Hotel managers, head chefs, owners of restaurants, hotels and cafes are only some of the directions you can take. There are often great benefits such as cheap accommodation and cheap air travel. Free meals and great friendships. The management and service skills gained are industry transferable.

Every day is different in hospitality. The clientele change, their needs and wants change. It may be hard work but it is never boring! Customers are travelling, eating and drinking out or celebrating something. The world does not just stop because of the recession!

The industry requires people with hands-on skills!! You need to be able to make a cocktail, check a guest into their room, wait on tables, plan an event, market your product and services, interpret cash flow & profitability and yes! Cook food. How do you get these skills at university??

Ryde TAFE is the premier hospitality campus in NSW, nationally and internationally renowned for its student’s successes. We provide skills in all areas of hospitality including barista skills, housekeeping skills, food and beverage skills, commercial cookery, front office and the Management skills and training!!

Like any industry, a piece of paper is one thing, but without the skills and knowledge of how the business operates, you can never be a successful manager!!

In the first weeks at TAFE you can attain a RSA & RCG Certificate that will allow you to seek employment roles serving alcohol in the industry – you will immediately be able to earn while you study, another tremendous benefit from this career choice as course and TAFE hours are geared around your requirements.

A notable quote:

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.” - an L.A. van de Snepscheut

So do you still want that university degree?? An Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management from Ryde College will give you the required qualification to articulate directly into university. Not only that but you will have the necessary skills and experience that will give you the edge over someone who has never poured a beer or made a bed.

A qualification from Ryde College is also an economical way to gain skills and knowledge. Definitely much cheaper than university and if you still want to go onto uni, your HECS will be much less because you go straight into the 2nd or 3rd year of the course.

University is not the answer for everyone and there are plenty of Hotel Managers and Celebrity Chefs who can attest to that!!!

May be a friend on one of your social networks has an experience they can share with you from their TAFE experience to show you why you should take this career path to your future.

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Maureen Economos - Customer Sevice Officer - Course Information

P: 02-94486278


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