Tuesday, February 1st, 2011
Zoggs has invested heavily in technology and innovation to launch the new 4 FlexpointTM Technology Predator Flex goggles and the Four Stroke Positive Drive Training Fin.

Keen swimmers are always trying to improve their stroke techniques and level of performance in the water. Aiming to satisfy these needs, Zoggs has developed two new products to assist swimmers in their endeavours – the new 4 FlexpointTM Predator Flex goggle and the Four Stroke Positive Drive Training Fin.

The new Predator Flex goggle is designed not only for swimming pools but also for open water swimming. This new goggle combines Zoggs’ innovation and technology to create a product that meets the needs of all fitness and recreational swimmers.

Predator Flex is the latest addition the successful Predator family. It has a unique and futuristic design like no other product on the market and utilising the 4 FlexpointTM Technology, it provides swimmers with a more contoured fit whilst allowing the ultimate in comfort and performance.

The new Predator Flex takes frame flexibility to the maximum. The 4 FlexpointTM technology featured in this goggle allows the goggle to flex in the nose bridge area and sides of the frame ensuring maximum seal and comfort and flex to face for a secure and enhanced fit.

The new goggle is available in two different colours – Silver/Red and silver or Blue/Yellow. Both colours feature mirrored lens.

Key consumer benefits of Predator Flex goggles are:
• Enhanced frame styling – for the latest design.
• FogbusterTM impregnated anti-fog lenses for the best in fog free protection.
• Quick adjust strap system – easily adjusted whilst swimming.
• CLTTM – Curved Lens Technology - 180 degrees of undistorted peripheral vision.
• Mirrored lens to suit all light conditions and deliver perfect clarity.
• Silicone strap for comfort

Four-Stroke Positive Drive Fins
Continuing its position as the leading innovator of the industry Zoggs has once again introduced a product to the market that caters specifically to the needs of swimmers from recreational to professional.

The new Zoggs Four-Stroke Positive Drive Fins see’s a move away from the traditional fin shape to one that allows far more versatility in stroke/kick capability.

The outstanding feature of this new fin is that swimmers are able to use it for all strokes including Breaststroke thus allowing a medley of strokes to be used whilst training.

Key benefits to be found whilst using this fin are (1) the Offset Foot Pocket that promotes natural supination (opposite to pronation) in the kick turning the kicking motion into positive drive. (2) The Ellipsoidal shaped blade that provides ideal thrust in all of the main four kick cycles. (3) The Hoop Rail foot pocket and High Warp blade that combine to promote optimum foot position, foot speed and flexibility. (4) The Ergonomic Foot Pocket that is designed to provide exceptional foot comfort and (5) the Closed Toe feature gives complete front of foot stability thus providing greater energy transfer in the kick.

The new Four Stroke Positive Drive Fins are distinctive in look, come complete with carry bag in a blue/silver colour and are available in sizes ranging from 2 - 3 through to 13 – 14.

About Zoggs
Now a major international brand, Zoggs was born in Australia, the home of swimming. Whilst its business has expanded to many other countries its roots are still firmly embedded in Australia.
An innovative range of market leading swim goggles is the heart of the brand, as is now, the comprehensive range of chlorine resistant swimwear for men, women and children. Zoggs also markets a comprehensive range of equipment and training aids such as pull buoys, kickboards and swim caps. Zoggs also leads the industry in Water Confidence products designed specifically for the young swimmer.

The company aims to give all swimmers, whether swimming for fitness or recreation trust in their Zoggs goggles, equipment and swimwear so they can experience the freedom and exhilaration of the water. Zoggs products can be found in major retailers, sports stores and aquatic centres across the country.


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