Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

An Adelaide telecommunications technology company, Red Button Technologies has launched a new service to help make immediate contact with friends and relatives for people living alone.

The Red Button system works with any telephone without modification and alerts multiple people simultaneously.

“The recent case of the 87 year old lady murdered in her home in Adelaide suburb Seacliffe, highlights the need for people to be able to quickly seek assistance from neighbours, friends or relatives when they become concerned about their health or safety” said Justin Wearne, Chief Executive Officer of Red Button.

“Many older people live alone. Communication with neighbors, friends or relatives is very important to making them feel safe and to enable them to seek assistance in concerning situations.”

The new system calls multiple people with a single phone call; this reduces the need for the caller to remember phone numbers or to think who to call first.

In a recent newspaper article, COTA Chief Executive Ian Yates highlighted the need for elderly residents to build a security network with their neighbours.

The Red Button system will rapidly contact the most available neighbour (the one who answers the call first) who could then render advice and assistance in the case where a person living on their own finds themselves in a concerning situation.

“Not every situation is a Triple Zero emergency” said Justin Wearne. “The reluctance of people to call Triple Zero until it is a clear cut emergency sometimes leaves people in a vulnerable situation. The Red Button system establishes a network of people who can be called upon in uncertain situations.”

The Red Button system also provides an emergency call feature.

“During the call the neighbor, friend or relative can bring Triple Zero into the conversation simply by pressing the Zero button on their phone.”

The three way conversation with Triple Zero can then be used if the situation escalates during the conversation.

The Red Button systems operates with any phone fixed or mobile without modification. No download is required and the system operates with any phone provider.

“Red Button is purely a network level service and can be set-up in minutes via a web portal or by contacting Red Button’s customer service team."

Another advantage of the system is its ability to work with both a fixed line service and a mobile.

“The Red Button system will recognise both the fixed line and mobile phone number, making it suitable for use both at home and out in the community.”

Red Button can be used with Telstra's Delayed Hotline service. By programming the delayed hotline service with the Red Button number, by simply picking-up the handset and waiting 4 seconds, the phone will simultaneoulsy call muliple phone numbers.

More information is available from http://www.redbutton.com.au/
Or by contacting Justin Wearne on 0414 744 481


Contact Profile

Red Button Technologies

Red Button Technologies Pty Ltd was formed in 2006 through a partnership between telecommunications expert Professor Reg Coutts and technology specialist marketer Justin Wearne.

Professor Coutts was a member of the expert panel formed by the Federal Government in 2008 to provide advice on the National Broadband Network which led to the announced policy to invest $43 billion on the national network; he is an Emeritus Professor of telecommunications at the University Adelaide

Red Button Technologies received an AusIndustry COMET Grant in February 2009 to develop the Connectivity Server prototype and to assist with commercialisation of the venture.

In December 2009, Red Button announced that it had received a $500k investment from Melbourne based firm Optimation Software Engineering and has entered into an agreement to develop and commercialise Red Button’s Connectivity Server platform leading to the development of their first consumer product to be hosted on the platform; Assure Connect™ currently being tested ready for launch in July 2010.

Justin Wearne
P: 0414744481
W: www.redbutton.com.au


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