Monday, January 31st, 2011
Australia’s largest not-for-profit environmental organisation, Greening Australia, has declared support for the Australian Government’s Carbon Farming Initiative as it gives much needed framework for farmers, forest growers and landowners to access domestic voluntary and international carbon markets.

“The scheme is needed as a matter of priority to give certainty to carbon offset providers and buyers and to ensure valuable corporate dollars remain onshore” said Mr Hamish Jolly, Chief Executive of Greening Australia.

The scheme is aimed at providing multiple landscape benefits by encouraging biodiversity targeted at improving marginal farmlands and attracting investment in low risk Australian reforestation projects.

“With farmers facing increased weather extremes we welcome a fast-track introduction of the Government’s proposed Carbon Farming Initiative to help diversify farming income and reforest marginal farmland”

Mr Jolly said there is a demand for forest carbon credits and clients are willing to pay a premium for triple bottom line biodiverse forestry plantings.

“We have a huge demand from farmers waiting to access carbon opportunities and clients’ wanting to invest but it is hard to secure this corporate investment without a government framework in place”

Greening Australia also said that rigorous administration will be important for the Scheme to ensure high environmental integrity standards are maintained, ensuring consumer confidence of carbon credit buyers.

“The Carbon Farming Initiative is an important but modest and voluntary start to addressing Australia’s emissions challenge” Mr Jolly said “A price on carbon with mandatory reductions is still required.”

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Greening Australia has declared support for the Australian Government’s Carbon Farming Initiative

Greening Australia is a dynamic not-for-profit environmental organisation working across all states and territories to develop sustainable environmental solutions to the challenges facing our unique landscapes, tackling critical issues such salinity, declining water quality, soil degradation, climate change and biodiversity loss. Our team consists of leading environmentalists, scientists and passionate visionaries who are out there making a difference on-ground where it matters.
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