Saturday, January 29th, 2011
Screencoupon, an Australian-owned advertising company, is excited to launch its digital coupon iPhone App for shoppers in Victoria.

This digital coupon App helps shoppers save hundreds of dollars on all sorts of every day purchases without the time of cutting out paper coupons. According to Screencoupon’s spokesperson, “Our iPhone App is the next generation in coupons and savings allowing shoppers to enjoy mobile discounts wherever they go, any time they need to shop and save. The coupons are just like traditional printed coupons, except shoppers no longer need to clip - so coupons are not lost and shoppers save time and money instantly. We wanted to create a simple, mobile coupon App from which all shoppers could benefit, and we were able to accomplish that and more with this digital coupon App.”

Businesses benefit from better coupon management which, in turn, benefits shoppers who no longer need to worry about expired or lost coupons. They are connected to current discounts and savings and never again miss out on the latest promotions and discounts from their favourite stores. Screencoupon changes the way shoppers and retailers connect, but mostly the way shoppers save - both long-time coupon clippers and first-timers.

Prominent features and advantages shoppers enjoy by using this digital coupon App include:
? Mobile coupons for the latest savings always with you on your mobile phone;
? Savings for your hair appointment, fitness session, restaurant or family day out;
? Freedom to browse and redeem coupons from your iPhone at any time;
? Never again say, “I left my coupon at home”;
? Free downloading, no submission of personal details and instant savings;
? Access to the “hot coupon” which is an exclusive offer available for a short time.

Shoppers enjoy easier access to sales and updated discount offers at the touch of a button. Downloading the App is completely free, fast and easy. Unlike other Apps, there is no need to register any personal details. Simply download the mobile coupon App for immediate access to the coupons and present the digital coupon to venue staff - there’s nothing more to it!

Over 10,000 shoppers in Victoria are already enjoying savings from this mobile, digital coupon App. “Savings on the go” is truly the next wave in coupons and the motto by which Screencoupon thrives is evident in this innovative iPhone App offering shoppers more control and easier access to savings and coupons. Unlike other digital coupon Apps, both ongoing and daily coupons alike are always there for the shopper to redeem any day, any time and anywhere. No more headaches and racing against time to save - Screencoupon’s digital coupon App puts the shopper in control.

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Telephone Number: +03 9029 2921 or 0402 320 968
Email Address: [email protected]
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Screencoupon is an Australian owned and operated company that offers a new digital coupon App to help shoppers improve their coupon and discount savings. Its innovative digital coupon iPhone Application allows shoppers to save more and have access to coupons and specials promoted directly through their phone. Founded in 2010, this already well-reputed digital coupon App is expected to take the coupon industry by storm, changing the way shoppers expect to receive coupons from retailers and use them in the stores – the new standard will soon be anytime and all the time.

P: 0402 320 968


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