Friday, January 28th, 2011
Located on the Gold Coast and only 100km away from the devastating floods in Brisbane and Toowoomba, Message on hold company, Media Messages, has donated money to the victims and is urging other businesses to do the same.

The message on hold company, Media Messages, who usually helps businesses call out to customers, is now “calling out” to businesses, clients, suppliers and employees to help the Queensland flood victims.

Passionately behind the move is Media Messages national operations manager, Joshua Loftus, who said he has been emotionally affected by the stories.

“This is a devastating, tragic natural disaster ... and it is literally at our back door! Lives and homes have been lost. The least that we can do is help these Australians rebuild what they have lost.

“We are urging all of our customers and suppliers to donate to the victims of the floods. As a company we have made a contribution, and our staff, without any hesitation, put their hands in their own pockets and dug deep,” said Mr Loftus.

Floods like this have not been seen in Queensland since 1974, and over 200,000 Australians have been affected by the floods and 15 lives have been lost so far.

According to the Brisbane City Lord Mayor, Campbell Newman, (in an interview with the Courier Mail) “the clean-up effort, ultimately, will take many, many months”, forcing many families to take refuge with family and friends whilst they clean up their homes.

If you would like to make a donation and help the victims of the Queensland floods, then please make a difference by donating to the QLD Governments Flood Relief Appeal

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