Friday, January 28th, 2011
With an ever challenging Corporate Environment business leaders would agree there is a need to take a renewed view of how to best maximise the output from the employees they have. Organisations are challenged to attract, retain, engage and enhance productivity from scarce resources. In addition to this already significant and consuming challenge, many corporations realise that if they haven’t already, they now need to get serious about how to lessen their global footprint, increase their corporate social responsibility, and make a positive contribution toward the wellness of the planet.

Where does your organisation rate on these areas?

Are you leading the way like some of the top corporate businesses in Australia and around the world? Are you flourishing when it comes to the people within your business and the impact you are having on the community and planet? If the answer is NO, what affect might this have on your business? These are the questions you need to be asking. Beyond this you need to be searching for new answers, be involved in new conversations and push the boundaries of what is not only feasible to drive your business into new frontiers, but what is possible at every edge of the boundaries.

The businesses that thrive in this decade and beyond will be those who are willing to engage innovative thinking, push boundaries, take a fresh look at their values and be brave enough to start a new conversation.

That new conversation starts at the World Wellness Project Summit. The inaugural summit is being held in Melbourne, from 24-26 February 2011, where over 40 speakers from around the world will come together and engage on the health of business, the health of individuals, and the wellness of the planet.

The relatively new fields of positive psychology, positive organisational scholarship and workplace wellbeing are becoming robust evidence based practises that can enhance productivity for organisations. However, relatively few organisations are implementing these initiatives in a pervasive and holistic manner. Few are yet to understand the significant implications and outcomes of engaged, positive, healthy employees and their impact to the bottom line. These issues and what the leading edge companies are doing in these arenas will be discussed and debated at the event.

Visionary business leaders who are placing global wellness at the forefront of their business, and making a profit from it will be there to share their knowledge and understanding on the depth and breadth of the new wave of consumers, a market LOHAS conservatively estimated at $209 billion in the U.S. These consumers are the future of progressive social, environmental and economic change.

The Summit will explore the implications of new markets and how is big business shifting to meet these new demands, including how business can itself be an Agent for World Benefit. The world's corporate organisations spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year on corporate social responsibility programs. Individually and collectively, these organisations can and are having a profound impact globally on the wellness of the planet. The Summit will hear from leading corporations who will explain how they are helping support the wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants, and what the next wave of CSR could look like.

These topics among many others, will be presented, discussed and debated at the World Wellness Project Summit to be held in Melbourne from the 24-26 February 2011. You can see the full program, learn about the speakers and register at

Can you and your business, really afford not be part of this new conversation?


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The World Wellness Project

We are three co-founders from diverse backgrounds who have come together with the belief that passionate people with the right intention can drive change and help to make the world well.

We are a tribe of people. Wellness experts, leading thinkers, researchers, scientists, healers, pioneers, yogis, health gurus, engineers, spiritual leaders, philosophers, business and government leaders, students, advocates - who care passionately about making a ‘weller’ world, and are willing to work together to make it real.

We believe that every action, every product, every service, every business, every government and every single individual directly contributes either to the illness, or the wellness of the planet. We believe wellness is more than just the absence of disease. We believe it is broad and deep and runs from individual wellbeing to the sustainability of the planet.

We believe that people will make the difference. Passionate people who believe in a world where everyone has access to the resources they need to be well and for the planet to well. And we believe we can bring these people together to make a sustainable difference.

We believe it is time for change.
Taren Hocking
P: 08 8239 0666
M: 0438 399 551


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Business, Sustainability, Human Resources, Positive Phycology, Well-being, Innovation.



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