Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: 2UP Holdings Limited (2UP), the Australian owned and operated, online gaming and wagering platform, has announced its unconditional listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. This is the next stage of a rapid growth phase experienced by the company since its launch.

"2UP has paid the listing fees and has now completed everything required to move to a listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange," announced Founding Director, Marino Sussich, who is excited at the imminent growth phase for the company. "I can confirm that the unconditional listing process has commenced targeting a listing date of 21 February 2011. This marks a new milestone for the company is reaching its ultimate vision...of being a globally recognised gaming and wagering platform for casual users."

2UP has an online gaming license granted until 2025 to capitalise on its market positioning. The listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange was another step in the process for the innovative, Melbourne-based business.

"2UP has a fresh approach with the creation and commercialisation of a compelling gaming and wagering site with global reach, simplified usability and universal appeal," said Peter Flynn, Marketing Director for 2UP. He continued, "2UP is positioned to significantly capitalise on the market opportunity. This is a simple game, recognised globally with high volume potential in a 24/7 gaming environment and we are very excited to be listing it on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange."

2UP is confident in reaching the market with a compelling product and has a team of industry experts with over 50 years combined experience in the areas of Marketing, Gaming, Online Wagering and IT who understand the business opportunity and share the vision for the business.

It is anticipated the Prospectus for the Frankfurt listing will be ready for the market in February for review. Founding Director, Marino Sussich, sums up the enthusiasm of the company, "We are currently undertaking an interim funding round to capitalise the company for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange listing. We thank everyone to date who have backed us and we look forward to welcoming new shareholders into the company to join us on our journey. We are excited about and its launch and in our eyes this company goes from strength to strength in successfully reaching all its projected targets."

Contact Profile is an Australian-owned, interactive gaming and wagering platform. The core focus of the site will be the coin toss game - 2UP. It is a simple game with global popularity. This will be underpinned by other unique and established gaming and wagering options. is targeting the casual gamer and will be listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
Marino Sussich
P: 0418 566 065


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