Wednesday, January 21st, 2009
Search engine marketing agency e-Channel online shares its never-fail recipe for online success in its new video training series, the Seven Elements of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

The series uses a pizza-making analogy to remove the mystique from this often misunderstood area.

As one of Australia's top five SEM companies, e-Channel is continually approached by clients seeking to understand the complex nature of natural, or organic, search results and paid search, such as Google advertising.

"Over more than a dozen years working in digital marketing, we have discovered a whole range of 'secret' ingredients to make our clients' campaigns successful," says e-Channel CEO Frank Grasso. "But we believe the digital marketing industry's growth has been held back by a lack of clarity around the principles that create an environment for success in search. By revealing these secrets, we believe we can grow the whole digital marketing industry pie, or in this case pizza, for the benefit of all."

Mr Grasso adds, "The video training series describes how to design spectacularly successful creative ads on a large-scale basis. This is a proven methodology we use ourselves for putting together consistent, quality creative ads. It includes workshopping with clients through all seven elements."

The Seven Elements of Search will be launched as a series of videos over the course of 2009, beginning with the Introductory Video, and closely followed by the second instalment, "Relevance".

"Relevance is the dough that forms the platform for the SEM pizza," Mr Grasso says. "This video homes in on the relevance of campaigns, a factor that is supported by Google and Yahoo, which reward clients for creating relevant ads."

e-Channel has provided training in the Seven Elements of Search to its larger clients, which include Australia's most successful travel companies, car sale websites and media companies. The company has also developed DynamicCreativeâ„¢, a patented software program that automates a largely manual process, saves clients countless hours in creating keywords, and maximises the relevance of advertising.

In future releases of the Seven Elements video training series, viewers will learn how e-Channel successfully challenges traditional bid management tools used by many agencies, as well as the secret ingredients involved in: Prospecting, Competitive Frame, Campaign Structure, Creative, and Analytics.

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e-Channel online is Australia’s premier search engine marketing and optimisation agency, delivering highly relevant, targeted search engine marketing campaigns and search engine optimisation for its clients. e-Channel’s innovative search engine marketing platform, DynamicCreative™, is a powerful, patented campaign optimisation tool that assists large database-driven websites gain a competitive advantage by ensuring campaign relevance and increasing click volume and ad response without the extra cost.
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e-Channel online removes the mystique around SEO and SEM with its new video training series, the Seven Elements of Search Engine Marketing.



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