Tuesday, January 25th, 2011
Marri Wood Park, located in Yallingup, Western Australia, recently gained full certification as a Bio-Dynamic Vineyard from the Bio-dynamic Research Institute of Australia, making it the first DEMETER™ certified vineyard in Margaret River.
Not only does DEMETER™ exclude the use of synthetic fertilisers and chemical plant protection agents in agricultural crop production, or artificial additives during processing, but also require very specific measures to strengthen the life processes in soil and foodstuffs.

Julian Wright, proprietor of Marri Wood Park, said the certification was a significant moment in the evolution of the vineyard. “We are very proud to have gained this internationally recognised certification, which is something we have been striving for since converting to a fully biodynamic vineyard seven years ago.
“The guidelines to becoming a DEMETER™ registered business are very stringent, and for us to be able to attain what is effectively a mark of biodynamic excellence is a tribute to the effort of all staff at Marri Wood Park,” he said.

Requirements for Bio-Dynamic Certification
The requirements for attaining DEMETER™ certification are rigorous and include the following:
• Conversion of the entire farm (including secondary crops, animal husbandry, areas producing products for home consumption, etc.);
• Ruminants (Hoofed animals that “chew the cud”) present in arable enterprises - the minimum requirement is 0.2 livestock unit/hectare;
• At least one application per year of cow horn manure and horn silica, as well as the spreading of prepared manures on all areas of the enterprise;
• All organic manures (stable manure, compost etc.) are to be treated with the compost preparations;
• Compliance with the requirements for seed/plant material quality; it has to be Demeter if available and if not, then of organic quality. Conventional quality may be used only with prior written permission of Demeter-International. Treated seeds are strictly forbidden;
• Compliance with the input lists named in the annexes of the Demeter Standards, such as no use of copper in vegetables. Restriction to max. 3 kg copper/ha in perennial crops;
• Chicken manure only from certified organic farms;
• GMO-free declaration for all inputs at risk from genetic modification; and
• Clear separation of product flow in all steps of production, transport, processing, storage, export and the introduction of a lot number system to trace a product back to the farm at any time.

The Bio-Dynamic Research Institute - which was founded in 1957 - was vested with the rights and supervision of the DEMETER Trademark in Australia in 1967. Part of this role is the certification of DEMETER quality products, an activity that is recognised by the Australian Government through the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) which audits Organic and Bio-Dynamic Standards to meet international requirements.

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First Margaret River Vineyard to be Granted DEMETER™ Accreditation

Marri Wood Park, located in Yallingup/Margaret River, Western Australia, is part of a growing number of Australian producers using bio-dynamic farming methods to both improve the quality of their produce and to ensure that no dangerous chemicals are used in the production process.

The Vineyard’s owners, Julian and Lisa Wright, have fully embraced bio-dynamic farming techniques and are using these techniques to produce some of the region’s best fully-organic vintages made with the help of an expert team headed by local wine legend Bill Cartwright (of Leeuwin Art Series fame).
Lisa Wright
P: 08) 9577 2343
M: 0403547734
W: www.marriwoodpark.com.au/


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