Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

BoutiqueAccessories.com.au, an online fashion accessories boutique, is proud to be the first online store in Australia to launch a virtual mirror application.

The Virtual Mirror enables customers to browse online and try on fashion accessories such as earrings and necklaces. Unlike any previous technology, the virtual mirror used by Boutique Accessories only requires a computer & webcam, and integrates directly with Facebook. This is a big step away from catalogue-style e-shopping, and much closer to a real high street shopping experience.

The webcam image acts like a mirror, allowing the user to move around while trying on the fashion accessories. If they like the item, they can take a photo and share it with friends on Facebook, asking for their feedback and making the experience much more like a shopping trip with a friend.

BoutiqueAccessories.com.au and the Virtual Mirror official launch date on Australia Day 2011 is no coincidence. The date was chosen to highlight the site’s main purpose, showcasing Australian Fashion Designers.

Try before you buy

Unlike buying clothes online, which need to be tried on, a user can be pretty certain that a fashion accessory will fit. The worry is whether or not an item of jewellery will suit a customer and their style and this is often the biggest reason customers shy away from buying fashion accessories online.

The Virtual Mirror uses a new kind of technology which automatically detects a person within the webcam image, and places the jewellery in the correct position, appearing as though the person is actually wearing the jewellery.
Essentially, it allows a potential shopper to try on the jewellery before deciding to purchase. If the user likes the item, it can be added it to the shopping cart straight from the Virtual Mirror.

How does the virtual mirror work?

Using cutting edge tracking technology similar to the new Xbox Kinect, the Virtual Mirror uses key points on the face and neck to map the fashion accessories onto the customer in the correct position. It also detects body and face movements allowing movement while wearing the jewellery, just like a real mirror.

Simply connect a webcam and navigate to the virtual mirror from the Home Page http://www.boutiqueaccessories.com.au/ or visit www.boutiqueaccessories.com.au/home/w1/i1001664 to get directly to the Virtual Mirror application. The application requires the latest version of Flash and either Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome browser.

Bringing Australian Fashion Design to wider audiences

The official launch on Australia Day ties in with exactly what the site stands for, promoting Australian Fashion Designers to the world. Boutique Accessories features collections by Australians Susanna Cates, Sophie Kyron, and Aliss & Ena, with Nika & Mink and Jane Peacock soon to be featured.
The founder of the website believes the Virtual Mirror is the future of online shopping. “It is completely changing the way we shop. Women from anywhere in the world can now browse items from our very own Aussie designers, try on their collections and share their new find with all their friends!”

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