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Smart Cellar - Winner of the HK RFID Silver Award for most Innovative EPC/RFID Product...

Wine Industry Business Challenges

Winemakers, cellars and collectors face a number of challenges when it comes to inventory management. Records need to be kept for many years and detailed product information is required, including the country and region of origin, varietal information, vintage, alcoholic degree, volume, producer, bottler, importer and wine destination.

In addition, wine is often placed in wooden cases for storage and transportation, where they are difficult to access. When unboxed, wine bottles are often stacked horizontally one on top of the other to maximize storage space so the labels are obscured, which makes searching and stock-taking an arduous task.

Introducing the “Smart Cellar” Solution

A wine inventory management system employing RFID technology compliant with EPCglobal standards specifically designed for the wine trade is now available. With purpose designed tags, which compensate for the possible attenuation of the transponder in the tag by the liquid in the bottles, which are both reliable and durable enough to perform in a low temperature environment over many years.

The web based stock management application, which enables users to access
inventory information on site or remotely, and supports multi-site operations. A lot of attention was also spent on ergonomics, with the handhelds designed to be light and the user interface simple and intuitive to allow reconciliation, stocktaking, or transferring to be done in seconds with a few clicks.


In pilot testing, the Smart Cellar system made an immediate impact on stock
management. With only 30 minutes of training, staff were able to use the system to increase their productivity and had significantly greater visibility over the inventory. In turn, the system reduced manpower requirements dramatically in the back office.

Moreover, stock taking accuracy improved in two aspects. Firstly, with the data entry process automated through the use of handhelds, human error was avoided.  Secondly, as the tags could be read through the wooden cases and with the bottles oriented in any direction, the bottles no longer needed to be disturbed, reducing the risk of damage.  The system’s functionality can also be extended to allow users to locate individual bottles and recover missing bottles.

ACG Global is pleased to announce the introduction of Smart Cellar to the Australian and New Zealand markets and are looking forward to introducing it to the wine industry.

This innovative inventory management system can be adapted for use in a wide variety of industries which deal with high value merchandise, such as jewellery and fine art.

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