Friday, January 16th, 2009

Power Mind Mapping course released

NovaMind Software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a free online video based course teaching you all about Mind Mapping. The course covers areas such as:
  • How to take notes effectively using Mind Mapping

  • How to prepare and deliver great presentations using Mind Mapping techniques

  • How to create Mind Mapped to do lists

  • Problem solving using Mind Maps - from simple to complex problems

  • Decision making - how to make great decisions confidently, no matter how difficult the decision is

  • Information and knowledge management and how to get the most out of what you know

  • Project planning and management using Mind Maps

  • Creative thinking and brainstorming

  • How to write articles, technical documents and books using Mind Maps

  • Business and strategic planning using Mind Maps

  • Life management and goal setting

The course is produced by Mind Mapping expert and author of two Mind Mapping books, Gideon King. Mr King says "I am always looking at effective ways of teaching people about the power of Mind Mapping, and believe this is an effective way of making the information available to the widest number of people". When asked whether this was just marketing for his NovaMind Mind Mapping software, Mr King responded "While I would love for everyone to buy NovaMind, so we could develop it faster and therefore help more people, my focus is very much on getting the word out there about the many powerful uses of Mind Mapping, whatever software you use. I would much rather someone was Mind Mapping using our competitors' software rather than not Mind Mapping at all. I feel that it is my duty to spread the word about this tool that makes such a dramatic improvement to productivity and effectiveness, far and wide."

The course is available at and is open for participants to join immediately.

About Mind Mapping

Mind Maps are diagrams that work the way people think — they organize the information in the same way our brains organize information. They make it easy to understand, remember, and communicate complex information.

Our brains like thinking in pictures. The smooth curves and colorful pictures used in Mind Mapping create powerful images for your brain to remember.

Mind Maps cater to both logical left brain thinking and pictorial right brain thinking at the same time, which makes them a very good way of storing and recalling information, presenting things to other people, and brainstorming new ideas.

About Gideon King

Gideon King is a Mind Mapping and personal development expert, and founder of NovaMind software. He has written two books on Mind Mapping; the "Teacher's guide to Mind Mapping" and the "Business guide to Mind Mapping". He brings a wide range of experience from his training and work in both civil engineering and computer software development, as well as real world experience having worked in a number of diverse industries, lived in 3 countries, visited over 40 countries, and having completely redesigned his life in every way. This knowledge and experience shows itself in the Power Mind Mapping course, where he is able to effectively cover a wide range of topics with authority.

Contact Profile

NovaMind Mind Mapping Software

NovaMind has been the top Mind Mapping program available on Mac computers for the last 6 years, and has been available for Windows for over two years. It is rapidly gaining recognition for its many unique and innovative features and ease of use. NovaMind makes Mind Mapping intuitive and fun.

For more information about NovaMind, please visit or e-mail Gideon King at gideon(at)
Gideon King
P: 07 3806 3038


Watch this free video based course to learn all about the different ways of using Mind Mapping to increase your productivity and effectiveness.


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