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Adelaide, May 26, 2005: South Australian internet service provider Adam Internet and public company Movies Online Ltd, in cooperation with major Holllywood film distributors, have announced the launch of Reeltime, Australias first movies-on-demand service using ADSL2+ high speed broadband.

Reeltime will eliminate the trip to the video store and late fees, for a comparable cost to DVD rental and with a far greater selection of titles. The service will be bundled with other interactive entertainment services and streamed to households that have AdamDirect ADSL2+ broadband, using either a PC modem or a set-top box attached to a television set.
Adam Internet managing director Scott Hicks said that movies-on-demand rely on consistent high speed streaming bandwidth to enable customers to stream a full-length feature film in real-time.
Movies cant happen without a network like AdamDirect - and so far, no one else has a local high density network, Mr. Hicks said.

We cover the widest area, and have the largest number of ADSL2+ exchanges in South Australia, currently operating with customers. This gives us critical local high density, and delivers speeds that are ideal for streaming movies.

Adam Internet is in the unique position of having its service backhauled by its own fibre, in combination with fibre from ETSA Telecoms, enabling a rapid rollout of ADSL2+ services and placing the company well ahead of competitors. As of today (Tuesday, 31 May), Adam will have eight exchanges enabled, and by mid June a further 14.

Where other ISPs have taken the approach of cherry picking one or two exchanges in each state, we have maintained our focus on South Australia, Mr Hicks said.
Adam announced its AdamDirect ADSL2+ services in December last year and is on target to achieve its Stage 1 rollout of 24 exchanges throughout metropolitan Adelaide by the end of June.
Movies Online Director John Karantzis said his company had received a number of enquiries from other major telecommunication companies and ISPs about possible partnerships.

Adam Internet is the ideal launch partner as it is possibly the most advanced network for this type of service in Australia and their ADSL2+system lends itself to a variety of advanced consumer propositions, Mr Karantzis said.

Movies Online is developing an Australia-wide video-on-demand consumer proposition, which we will launch early next year.
Reeltime will stream using mpg4, the new version of compression, and offer the latest release movies and library titles over the new AdamDirect ADSL2+ network, which will be available throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area.

The Reeltime service enables viewers to select programs for viewing on their televisions in DVD quality, at the time of their choice, using an on-screen content menu.
Movies Online has secured agreements with some of the worlds leading studios and production houses to supply movies and other content.
Adam Internets pricing will make the service doubly attractive, with fixed-priced ADSL broadband and next generation ADSL2+ services now both starting at $29.95 per month. This means even casual Internet users will enjoy speeds up to 500 times faster than dialup.
All residential plans are now fixed price services, because user traffic is shaped, Mr. Hicks says. That means our residential customers will never be charged excess.
Adam is offering another `first for Australia - `local peering data allowances which give internet users a double bonus - if you select, say, a 10GB data cap, you will also receive 10GB worth of local data for free.
Adam already offers Voice over IP, meaning it is the first Adelaide ISP to offer what is known as the Internet `triple play of data, voice and video.
Customers on AdamDirect exchanges can migrate free of charge to the ADSL2+ plans when signing up for an 18 month term, ensuring a smooth transition to next generation interactive services.
Adam Internet Chairman Greg Hicks, said: In the broadband age it is essential that we stay ahead of the market. At Adam Internet, we are totally focused on giving our customers leading edge services, at the best prices with the best support.
Adam Internet wholesales its services to 16 other ISPs, which will also be able to offer the Reeltime service underpinned by AdamDirect ADSL2+.
For full details of pricing plans and the staged rollout of ADSL2+, please visit

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Adam Internet and Movies Online launch Movies-on-Demand Australian first service


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