Friday, January 21st, 2011
THE INSURANCE FRAUD HOTLINE, Australia’s first centralised and independent insurance fraud reporting service, has received tip-offs this week from members of the Australian public claiming to have witnessed individuals taking advantage of the Queensland flood disaster through vehicle-related frauds.

Tip-offs received include eye-witness accounts of people alleged to have deliberately left their cars parked in flooded areas during the days that flood waters were due to peak or driving vehicles with prior damage into flooded waters and abandoning them.

All Australians can access the Insurance Fraud Hotline website and report any suspected insurance fraud attempts they witness or know about — even if they don’t know who the insurer is. The information is then made accessible to every insurer in Australia for their own data matching and potential investigation.

The Insurance Fraud Hotline’s founder, professional investigator, Anthony Callaghan says: “While Australians are pulling together to begin the recovery process, these suspected fraudsters may be unfairly dipping into the pool of funds set aside for those genuinely deserving.”

“People often view insurance fraud as a ‘victimless crime’, but even one false car claim can cost $40,000, being the average value of a fairly new vehicle, conservatively speaking. Fraudulent claims hit each and every one of us in the hip pocket by way of increased insurance premiums.”

The website address for the Insurance Fraud Hotline is and users can remain anonymous.

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Insurance Fraud Hotline

Launched on 30 September 2010, the Insurance Fraud Hotline is gaining momentum as the centralised online portal for reporting insurance fraud and helping to fight fraud crime in Australia. The idea of Anthony Callaghan, formerly with the NSW Police Force and now Principal of his own professional investigations company, the Insurance Fraud Hotline is a secure and impartial website where members of the Australian public can report what they believe in good faith to be insurance fraud and know that their information will be made available to every insurance company in Australia — even if they do not know who the insurer is.
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P: 02 9477 3330
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