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ANNOUNCEMENT: Australia Day Health Message for All Australian Women
DATE: Tuesday 25 January 2011
TIME: 11:00am local time - all states & the Northern Territory
LOCATION: All individual event details are listed on page 3


  • Jean Kittson (National Afternoon Tea™ Ambassador and NSW & ACT)
  • Alice Burton (NT)
  • Patricia Bailey (TAS)
  • Meshel Laurie (QLD)
  • Natasha Stott Despoja (SA)
  • Lisa Scaffidi (WA) and
  • Madeleine West (VIC)
  • with 77 11th Hour Ambassadors (11 in each state and the Northern Territory)

RSVP: Insight Communications 02 9319 3844 – 0414 821 957 – 0414 686 091

National Australia Day Lifesaving Health Message for All Australian Women

At 11:00am on Tuesday 25th January (the eve of Australia Day 2011), Ovarian Cancer Australia will launch its annual, national Australia Day health message in its mission to help save the lives of Australian women.

In the lead-up to Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month (February), this is a very special and significant event when Ovarian Cancer Australia will hold a national media call with events in each capital city across the country and launch Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month aimed at reaching all Australian women with the message about the risks and symptoms of ovarian cancer.

With one Australian woman dying every 11 hours, this message is vital in the fight against ovarian cancer.

A unique feature of the announcement is Ovarian Cancer Australia’s 11th Hour Ambassadors – All 77 everyday women (11 in each state and the Northern Territory) are of various ages, cultural backgrounds and career types to represent the diversity of Australian women.

With one in 77 Australian women diagnosed with ovarian cancer in their lifetime, together the 77 11th Hour Ambassadors will speak with one heart and one voice, to Australian women of all ages and cultures and backgrounds about a disease that sadly, will take the life of one Australian woman every 11 hours.
Each media event will also launch the 2011 State and Territory Ambassadors who will be dressed in a ‘Touch of Teal’ by Alex Perry. The Ambassadors will accompany the eleven women from each state and territory to make the national health announcement.

Ambassadors include Jean Kittson (National Afternoon Teal™ Ambassador and NSW & ACT), Alice Burton (NT), Patricia Bailey (TAS), Meshel Laurie (QLD), Natasha Stott Despoja (SA), Lisa Scaffidi (WA) and Madeleine West (VIC).
Teal is the international colour representing ovarian cancer and throughout February, Ovarian Cancer Australia is celebrating its tenth anniversary inviting people to wear a ‘Touch of Teal’ by purchasing a Teal Ribbon, hosting an Afternoon Teal™ or a Touch of Teal fundraising event to help support women and their families whose lives have been touched by ovarian cancer.

“To mark the launch of the ‘Touch of Teal’ initiative, Ovarian Cancer Australia is delighted to have the support of Australia’s leading designer, Alex Perry who generously dressed our State and Territory Ambassadors in a Touch of Teal for our campaign launch,” said Ms Benson.

Purchase a Teal Ribbon for $2 and wear a ‘Touch of Teal’ throughout Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and directly touch the lives of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer and their families.

To register your Touch of Teal or Afternoon Teal™ event, please visit: or call 1300 660 334.

You can purchase tax-deductible Teal Ribbons from Chemmart, Napoleon Perdis and Ovarian Cancer Australia and, during February when you book tickets or a package see a concert or show any where in Australia through, Showbiz will purchase your Teal Ribbon on your behalf.
Teal Ribbon Day is Wednesday 23rd February!

For more information about ovarian cancer and Ovarian Cancer Australia:
Phone: 1300 660 334
Email: [email protected]

2011 marks the 10th Anniversary of Ovarian Cancer Australia and throughout the year, they aim to increase awareness of ovarian cancer to save lives.


We are able to offer a number of interview and photo opportunities including:
A number of Ambassadors nationally including:

  • Jean Kittson – National Afternoon Teal™ Ambassador and NSW & ACT Ambassador
  • Alice Burton - NT
  • Patricia Bailey - TAS
  • Meshel Laurie - QLD
  • Nicole Livingstone - Patron and Founder – Ovarian Cancer Australia
  • Natasha Stott Despoja - SA
  • Lisa Scaffidi - WA
  • Madeleine West - VIC
  • 77 x 11th Hour Ambassadors nationally
  • Survivors of ovarian cancer - nationally
  • Medical experts on ovarian cancer, current treatments and research developments
  • Paula Benson – Chair of Ovarian Cancer Australia & ovarian cancer survivor
  • Professor Michael Quinn - Gynaecological Oncologist, The Royal Women's Hospital Melbourne, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Melbourne
  • Karen Livingstone – Founding Director – Ovarian Cancer Australia

Contact Insight Communications for more information, photographs or to arrange an interview.

Clare Collins - Insight Communications Alice Collins – Insight Communications
P: 02 9319 3844 P: 02 9319 3844
M: 0414 821 957 M: 0414 686 091
E: [email protected] E: [email protected]

Event Details & Locations
Media RSVP to Insight Communications – 02 9319 3844 or 0414 821 957

Adelaide - South Australia
Event Contact: Natasha Wade 0419 819 306
Ambassador: Natasha Stott Despoja
Time: 10:45 for 11:00
Venue - Location: Adelaide City Town Hall 128 King William Street,
Enter via main entrance
Announcement: Staircase in main foyer

Darwin - Northern Territory
Event Contact: TBA
Ambassador: Alice Burton
Time: 10:45 for 11:00
Venue - Location: Darwin City Council Civic Centre
Enter via main entrance Harry Chan Avenue
Announcement: The Terrace or outdoors if weather permits

Gold Coast - Queensland
Event Contact: Ingrid Larkin 0411 601 132
Ambassador: Meshel Laurie
Time: 10:45 for 11:00
Venue - Location: Gold Coast City Council Chambers
Building 135 Bundall Road, Bundall (Surfers Paradise) Enter via main entrance
Announcement: City Council Chambers Foyer

Hobart - Tasmania
Event Contact: Alice Collins - 0414 686 091
Ambassador: Patricia Bailey
Time: 10:45 for 11:00
Venue - Location: Lenna of Hobart - Enter via main entrance
Cnr Salamanca Place & Runnymede St, Battery Point
Announcement: Indoors/outdoors dependant on weather

Melbourne - Victoria
Event Contact: TBA
Ambassador: Madeleine West
Time: 10:45 for 11:00
Venue - Location: Melbourne Town Hall
90-120 Swanston St, Melbourne 3000 - Enter via main entrance Door attendant will direct
Announcement: Portico Balcony

Perth - Western Australia
Event Contact: TBA
Ambassador: Lisa Scaffidi
Time: 10:45 for 11:00
Venue - Location: Perth Town Hall
601 Hay St Perth (Crn Hay & Barrack Sts) Enter via main entrance
Announcement: Lower Foyer (Ground)

Sydney - NSW & ACT
Event Contact: Clare Collins 0414 821 957
Ambassador: Jean Kittson
Time: 10:45 for 11:00
Venue - Location: Sydney Town Hall
George Street Sydney (Crn George & Park)
Enter via main entrance
Announcement: Lord Mayors Reception Room


11th Hour Ambassadors – National – Listed by State or Territory

Adelaide - South Australia

  1. Janelle Altmann, 31, Veterinarian
  2. Charlotte Bateman, 30, Pilates Instructor/Studio Owner
  3. Susan Davies, 69, Retired Interior design
  4. Victoria Davies, 41, Teacher
  5. Helen Hedding, 38, Designer - Crafts
  6. Penny Jones, 34, Winemaker
  7. Sharon Kaibel, , Professional Trainer
  8. Catherine Manning, 33, Curator
  9. Heather Reynolds, 69, Receptionist
  10. Sharon Starick, 39, Farmer & Director Landcare Officer
  11. Diane Steele, 39, Family Support Worker

Darwin - Northern Territory

  1. Lynette Bennett, 56, Solicitor
  2. Jodie Brown, 19, Hockey Rep Player/AFL customer service NT
  3. Barbara Cotton, 53, Librarian
  4. Rosanna De Santis, 40, Police Sergeant
  5. Sarah Moroney, 30, Recruitment Consultant
  6. Catherine Phillips, 53, Dealer Principal
  7. Patricia Withers, 42, Logistics Manager
  8. Coral Osborne, 54, Customs Officer
  9. Claire Gray, 35, Environmental Scientist
  10. Lyn Minchin, 53, Small business woman
  11. Fiona Shanahan, 51, Tutor

Gold Coast, Queensland

  1. Bree Amer, 28, Performer/Radio
  2. Jayne Barnes, 50, CEO Ambulance Service
  3. Evelyn Pe, 52, Interpreter /Community Health Worker
  4. Tacha Mulligan, 33, Senior Marine Mammal Trainer / Animal Care
  5. Diane Garvey, 58, IT & Communications Business Manager
  6. Teresa Smith, 39, Milliner
  7. Jade Lipton, 32, Cupcake Baker
  8. Monica Roger, , Merchandise Manufacturer
  9. Kaylene Pedersen, 52, Licensee Support Officer
  10. Carole Smith, 51, Tourism
  11. Leanne Winter, 34, Merchandise Manufacturer

Hobart - Tasmania

  1. Simone Axton, 38, Executive Officer
  2. Clair Bent, 34, Mother/ Small business partner/ Masters Student/Casual Waitress
  3. Tricia Di Carlo, 44, Hospitality / Bed & Breakfast & PA
  4. Lauren Hodder, 26, Hospitality – General Manager
  5. Suzy Lebasi, 62, Antiques Dealer
  6. Madeleine Ogilvy, , Barrister
  7. Jane Stephens, 40s, Chemist & Small Business Operator
  8. Caroline Walker, 48, Boating – Sailing, Local Government Project Officer, Strategy and Governance
  9. Mel Walsh, 40, Homelessness Support Case Worker, Union Delegate
  10. Michelle Lang, 45, Horticulturalist
  11. Abbey Rhode, 28, Cat Breeder

Melbourne - Victoria

  1. Vass Arvanitis, , Fashion Stylist
  2. Iva Christou, 36, Hospitality Management
  3. Amanda Dowd, 39, Designer Jeweller
  4. Reiko Hombo, 23, Soloist with The Australian Ballet
  5. Bianca Lee, 33, Tram Driver
  6. Gennie McNair, 40, National Operations Manager – Entertainment
  7. Laura Meredith, 23, Student PR & Intern at OCA
  8. Marina Petrov, 22, Screen Production Student
  9. Dawna Wright, 40, Accountant/Partner
  10. Carolyn Wyu, 43, Pharmacist
  11. Geraldine Whelan, 39, Nursing

Perth - Western Australia

  1. Jennifer Clarke, 53, Driving Instructor
  2. Tara Irving, 36, Non-Commissioned Officer
  3. Judy Hardie, 57, Real Estate
  4. Sandra Joseph, 49, Mortgage Broker
  5. Sandra Liu, 45, Marketing/Mining, Councillor – Perth Council
  6. Melanie Staunton, 40, Personal Assistant & Part-time Nanny
  7. Nicolé Pritchard, 48, Language Teacher
  8. Julie Skinner, 48, Housewife
  9. Professor Anya White, , Marine Biologist
  10. Jan Stainton, 49, Volunteer
  11. Ruby Turnbull, 15, High School Student (Yr11)

Sydney - New South Wales

  1. Bronwen Ackermann, 43, Physiotherapist/University of Sydney Academic & researcher
  2. Claire Atherden, 33, Fire fighter
  3. Seaforth Anderson, 43, Airline Pilot
  4. Kate Cashel & Matilda Rose, 32, Mother/Arts Producer
  5. Angela Dalton, 45, Live Entertainment
  6. Sarah Fordham, 35, Artist/Teacher/Youth Worker
  7. Sarah Hirst & Ally, 23, PR Speaker
  8. Emma Isaacs, 31, Business CEO
  9. Sharon Pearson, 54, Bookkeeper
  10. Lara Barazi-Clingan, 29, Musician, Music Teacher, sandwich artist
  11. Avigail Herman, 40s, Choreographer, Teacher, Director and Performer



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