Thursday, January 20th, 2011
A summary of Branded 'D' on the left side: a study of Tasmanian military convicts

presented by Dr Phillip Hilton

British soldiers guarded prisoners at settlements like Port Arthur, but soldiers were not immune from conviction and punishment if they transgressed military law. Dr Philip Hilton will share his research into this fascinating area of history in his talk, entitled 'A summary of Branded 'D' on the left side: a study of Tasmanian military convicts' on Tuesday 25 January.

Dr Hilton’s thesis covers three main research areas: Background, Transportation, and Van Diemen’s Land. The discussion will begin by focusing on aspects of the historiography of military convicts as well as the relevant aspects of British Military Law. He will examine some of the economic, social and national characteristics of the 3,000 former military convicts.

As the majority of these men were tried outside the United Kingdom, specific emphasis will be placed on ‘The Geography of Military Transportation’ as well as examples of deserters, mutineers, and civilly convicted convicts. The Van Diemen’s Land section will first concentrate on employment and dispersal during the Assignment and Probation systems and the paper will conclude with an analysis of punishment, resistance and official retribution.

Born in Tasmania, Dr Hilton graduated from the University of Tasmania as a teacher of History and English. Since 1984 he has taught in Victoria, Tasmania, Wales and the Peoples’ Republic of China. He was formerly the Education Manager and Historian at the Port Arthur Historic Site.

Tuesday 25 January, 2011,

5.30pm at the Junior Medical Officer's House conference room, Port Arthur Historic Site, TASMANIA


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