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Finding a solution to cooling babies and toddlers on hot days can be problematic.

When inside, air-conditioning can often be too cold, and when out and about, it can get very stuffy and sweaty in those prams.

Pram Fans are the answer!

Pram Fans are safety clip on cooling devices that have been specifically designed to keep young children cool in a safe and fun manner.

The blades are made of soft foam designed not to harm if touched during operation, and if touched, have the added safety measure of stopping rotation.

With a flexible neck, the fan can be pointed in any direction and angle.

A strong clip with a broad jaw width ensures that the fan is able to clip on firmly and tightly almost anywhere.

Pram Fans come in two model types:

  • Safety Clip-On Fan; and
  • Safety Clip-On LED Fan. 


Unique Buzzy Bee Design
Pram Fans Safety Clip-On Fans carry the unique Pram Fans Buzzy Bee design on one blade and are available in 3 different colour options.

Entertaining Light Patterns
The Safety Clip-On LED Fan is the premier Pram Fans model. It has LED lights in the centre of the fan which oscillate in 64 different patterns, providing entertainment as well as promoting visual and concentration skills.

Safety Clip-On LED Fans are available in two different colour designs.

All Pram Fan models have been tested against and comply with Australian Standard Safety of Toys AS/NZS 8124 (Part 1+2+3).

Pram Fans business owner and operator, Heide Newton, says that Pram Fans have been especially developed with safety in mind.

"We are committed to safety and have taken care to ensure that our products are as safe as possible for parents to use to keep their little one cool," she said.

"If people are shopping around they should check if the products have been tested against and meet Australian Safety Standards!"

Heide goes on to say that it is important to remember that Pram Fans are not toys.

"We do not consider Pram Fans toys," she said.

"Testing against Australian toy safety standards has been due to a duty of care towards the users of these products, being children."

"As with most baby related items, parent supervision is recommended when using these products".

Pram Fans are particularly suited to being used when out and about clipped onto a pram to keep young children cool and comfortable.

They can also be used clipped onto the sides of cots; playpens; portacots and so on.

See for further information about Pram Fans products.

Pram Fans are available for purchase through the Pram Fans website and on eBay. See and Pram Fans on eBay for further information.

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Pram Fans

Pram Fans is a wholly Australian owned and operated business based in Perth, Western Australia.

Pram Fans is a specialised company selling and distributing only pram fans.

At Pram Fans we believe a comfortable baby is a happy baby.

All our products have been tested against and comply with Australian Safety Standards and are shipped direct from our Australian warehouse.

Pram Fans owner and operator, Heide Newton, is a mother of two young children. Prior to accepting the challenging, yet very rewarding role of motherhood, Heide worked in the public relations arena in both public and private industries for over 15 years.

Pram Fans products are currently produced in China under strict manufacturing guidelines.

Heide Newton
P: 0437701829
M: 0437701829


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