Wednesday, January 19th, 2011
Great news for fans of fine chocolates and other sweet treats: Darrell Lea Chocolate Shops has just launched their official website. Darrell Lea, Australia's favourite chocolate and candy since 1927, carries more than 350 different regular items and 150 seasonal items in addition to the regular product line.

The launch of the new Darrell Lea website allows those with a sweet tooth as well as people in need of the perfect gift to purchase a chocolate box, chocolate bars, liquorice, Rocklea Road, and all of the other Darrell Lea favourites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and from the comfort of home. The Darrell Lea order will be safely and professionally delivered to any recipient's doorstep throughout Australia.

In addition to easy order access for the full range of quality products, the new Darrell Lea website offers an advanced store finder application. Website users can display the closest of the 84 Australian Darrell Lea stores to a specified location, and for added convenience, they can also have the closest Darrell Lea shop's address sent via SMS directly to a mobile phone.

Fans of all of the sweet Darrell Lea products will be pleased to know that the new website also offers a blog that tracks all of the latest happenings at Darrell Lea. The blog will provide updates as to current goings-on at the Darrell Lea shops and online products, including new product announcements, promotions, special events, and other interesting developments. For example, around Easter time and for National Bilby Day in September, visitors to the new website can learn about efforts to preserve Australia's population of Bilbies, which include a donation from Darrell Lea for each chocolate Bilby that is sold.

The new Darrell Lea website also contains information about the newly-launched Sweet Rewards program, which is Darrell Lea's loyalty offering to reward customers who are members of the new program. Sweet Rewards members can enjoy a free Rocklea Road bar upon joining, a sweet treat on their birthday, special members-only bonuses and offers, and much more.

Darrell Lea's commitment to the highest quality ingredients and processes is evident in the website's question-and-answer column authored by Mark Tubman, the company's Master Confectioner. Mr. Tubman shares the secrets of Darrell Lea's quality chocolates and candies, which include using real rather than compounded chocolate and no substitution of vegetable fats in place of actual cocoa butter. Mr. Tubman also shares the secrets of some of the special products that Darrell Lea has produced in years past, including a 40 kg Easter egg and mountains made from Darrell Lea's famous Rocklea Road confection.

In addition to handling orders from individual customers, the new Darrell Lea website also features a Corporate Order function. This allows organisations needing a bulk purchase of Darrell Lea sweet treats to easily place their order online.

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