Wednesday, January 19th, 2011
Global sustainability leader Mike Reynolds, Happiness Guru & best selling Author Marci Schmirnoff and Academy Award winning Star and Wellness Guru Mariel Hemmingway are just some of the wellness leaders gathering for the 2011 WWP Summit which is bringing together over 40 speakers and industry experts from around the world. Industry and consumer attendees will have the opportunity to be personally informed and inspired by those who are creating wellness in all endeavours, increasing quality of life and business productivity while preserving the planet.

The Summit is for anyone that wants to learn about the leading health, wellbeing and sustainability research, advancements and opportunities. Whether you're in charge of workplace wellness or are leading a team of people you will find a huge resource of information and connections at the WWP Summit. If your working the Wellness Industry this is a must attend event in your professional development calendar. If you are passionate about increasing your personal well-being and the health and happiness of those you care about, then this is a rare opportunity to access world class information and connect with leading minds.

Over three days the program options include:
• Workshops that will expand your expertise
• Keynote Speakers that will inspire your thinking
• In-depth Panels that will tackle the big questions and provide new perspectives
• Personal Development Seminars that will develop your knowledge
• Networking that will build your connections and opportunities
• Master Classes that will increase your understanding & support your development
• Wellness Experiences and Demonstrations to delight body mind and soul

The Summit will be held in Melbourne, Australia, from Thursday, 24 February to Saturday, 26 February, 2011.


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The World Wellness Project

We are three co-founders from diverse backgrounds who have Come together with the belief that passionate people with the right intention can drive change and help to make the world well.

We are a tribe of people. Wellness experts, leading thinkers, researchers, scientists, healers, pioneers, yogis, health gurus, engineers, spiritual leaders, philosophers, business and government leaders, students, advocates - who care passionately about making a ‘weller’ world, and are willing to work together to make it real.

We believe that every action, every product, every service, every business, every government and every single individual directly contributes either to the illness, or the wellness of the planet. We believe wellness is more than just the absence of disease. We believe it is broad and deep and runs from individual wellbeing to the sustainability of the planet.

We believe that people will make the difference. Passionate people who believe in a world where everyone has access to the resources they need to be well and for the planet to well. And we believe we can bring these people together to make a sustainable difference.

We believe it is time for change.
Taren Hocking
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