Tuesday, January 18th, 2011
Some of Michelle Johnston’s modeling career highlights include being the first Ralph cover girl in 1997 and more recently, becoming the face of Liz Davenport fashions. Michelle Johnston, has now developed 'Miss Shelley's'.

Miss Shelley’s products are a range of affordable, never experienced before, bio medical, organic beauty treatments. Miss Shelley’s products have been especially formulated by highly qualified pharmacist Gerard Basili, in conjunction with Michelle ( Shelley ) Johnston and provide ‘never experienced before’ beauty treatments for a range of devastating skin disorders as well as products for use by all.

These previously have been un-catered for by the skin care and cosmetic industries.They treat a variety of serious skin disorders such as Melasma, Cholasma , Vitiligio, (Hyper and hypo pigmentation) even Cellulite!

Just in terms of one of the conditions above, Melasma, according to research, 2-3% of Australian/US and UK women (over the age of 20) suffer with Melasma and approximately 5-6% in South East Asia as their skin is far more prone to it. The market in Australia alone is approximately 200,000 people. In the US up to 6 million are affected, and around 2 million in the UK

Michelle Johnston said, ‘As a sufferer of Melasma, I was inspired to develop the range of products for women world wide to aid this problem and many others. I am a single mother of one, and I really created the Miss Shelley’s brand to inspire, uplift and empower women the world over. I am currently developing some ‘Feel Good – Look Good Forums’ in the coming months.’

Miss Shelley’s products have many unique selling propositions. Some of these include:
• Sourcing the finest organic based ingredients available, that we believe give the same, if not a BETTER, result than the harsh chemical compounds to provide maximum positive benefits to the skin.
• Miss Shelley’s lead patented product, ‘Cougar Crème’, is the only known crème available in the world that contains the top 5 recommended anti-ageing ingredients, as well as a whitening ingredient extracted from the Paper Mulberry tree.
• Miss Shelley’s patented products do not contain ingredients from the petrochemical industry or paraffins.
• Miss Shelley’s patented products are not tested on animals.
• NO ANIMALS or ANIMAL products are used in Miss Shelley’s beauty potions.
• Miss Shelley’s products will be Halal certified.
Michelle is currently seeking sufferers of Melasma to take part in clinical trials of one of her beauty treatments.

Please contact:

Fashion TV ( FTV ) have recently approached the company for ongoing, multi-million dollar, International involvement .

With Pre orders already received. Miss Shelley’s is set to become a household name…

Contact Profile

Michelle Johnston

Miss Shelley's is the brain child of dynamic entrepreneur, TV presenter, model and business woman Michelle Johnston.

Like most women when turning 30, Michelle never received a manual about how to maintain her figure and flawless, lineless skin. Being a successful career model, Michelle was not prepared to finish her flourishing career, and hence started researching cosmetic and laser treatments, and trialling countless lotions and potions.
Shelley Johnston
P: 0405726837
W: www.missshelleys.com.au/


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