Thursday, January 13th, 2011
Solar Shop Australia has committed to driving a 10-fold increase in the number of commercial solar power systems installed across the nation during the next three years following the separation of its commercial business into an independent commercial entity, SSA Commsolar Pty Ltd.

Newly appointed General Manager of Commsolar, Frank Teofilo, said there was a growing demand from progressive Australian businesses - particularly those in isolated regional areas and mining sites that require remote energy generation - for tailor-made solar energy solutions.

Mr Teofilo said in addition to large-scale embedded generation on commercial and industrial rooftops, Commsolar was committed to freeing businesses and communities in remote areas from their heavy reliance on diesel-powered generators.

“Adding to the cost of transporting diesel to remote locations, the generators themselves can cost between 25 and 35 cents per kilowatt hour to run, making it an expensive exercise and costly to the environment,” Mr Teofilo said.

“Many of Australia’s most isolated communities are located in solar favourable regions and there’s already a large number of commercial operations that could benefit financially by investing in solar power.

“Solar can easily substitute 20 to 30 per cent of their power generation needs, reduce overheads and potentially increase profits, not to mention the inarguable environmental benefits, making a strong business case for solar power.”

In 2009 the Commsolar team - then part of Solar Shop Australia - was responsible for installing the country’s largest commercial solar system, a one-megawatt solar farm at the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds. It showcased how photovoltaic panels could be used on a commercial scale and set a precedent for similar projects across the nation.

“During the past 10 years Solar Shop Australia has continuously demonstrated outstanding technical expertise and a proven ability to deliver solar solutions on both a residential and commercial scale,” Mr Teofilo said.

“However, in light of the pending changes to Renewable Energy Targets, the time was right to separate the two divisions and embrace a more strategic approach that would ensure the differing needs of the two sectors were met.

“Commercial clients are far more focused on how solar power can reduce their overheads, assist them to obtain price certainty and achieve their sustainability goals.

“As the nation’s largest supplier of residential grid-connect solar power systems and boasting a truly national footprint, we have the expertise and capacity to become the leading provider of commercial solar systems in the 100kw to 5MW space,” he said.

And Mr Teofilo looks like the right man to achieve this, with over two decades of experience in the energy sector, including previously holding senior positions at Integral Energy, AquaSpy Group, BP Solar and Toro Australia.

Throughout his career, Mr Teofilo has gained extensive experience in growing companies, expanding business units and building brands. He has a diverse background in general management, sales, marketing, product management and electrical engineering.

He has also been a member of various government taskforces related to energy, advisory boards and standards committees.

Mr Teofilo says he’s looking forward to growing Commsolar and helping more Australians experience the overwhelming benefits that solar power delivers.

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Commsolar is a registered division of Solar Shop Australia and specialises in providing businesses with solar solutions to help meet their energy requirements and deliver on their sustainability goals. Commsolar is one of the nation’s leading providers of remote solar energy generation technology and is responsible for some of the largest commercial solar installations in the country, including a 1MW solar farm at the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds. For more information visit
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