Thursday, January 13th, 2011

SmartBar- a lighter, stronger, safer, greener and smarter alternative to impact resistant bull and nudge bars - now offers even more safety for Toyota owners.

Specifically designed for the Toyota Landcruiser Prado 150 Series, the latest model of the Vehicle Frontal Protection System blends seamlessly to the contours of the vehicle, and available in black or white, maintains the intended aesthetics of the Toyota design while providing unparalleled safety.

With its superior deformation and deceleration properties, SmartBar springs back to its original shape, minimising damage, saving lives and saving money. SmartBar is airbag compatible and meets the full Australian Safety Standards. By exceeding the Australian Standard HIC (Head Injury Criteria) requirement, SmartBar also ensures pedestrians a much higher probability of surviving after an impact.

Proudly Australian owned, designed and manufactured, SmartBar is made from environmentally-friendly recyclable polyethylene that is UV stabilised for durability and incur minimal repair costs.

Designed with a hollow internal structure that provides a cushioning effect, SmartBar absorbs impact and minimises the risk of engine immobilisation and injury to occupants in the event of an animal strike or vehicle accident.

In research by the Adelaide University, SmartBar was revealed to perform better than the steel and aluminium bars in all comparison tests . At 28kg, the non-winch standard SmartBar is up to 56 kilograms lighter than alloy or steel equivalents, resulting in lower fuel consumption and reduced front-end tyre and suspension wear.

Easily fitted to a range of car models, SmartBar is installed on Ambulance and Police fleets around Australia and used for passenger and commercial vehicles, 4 Wheel Drives and trucks.

Other SmartBar models for Toyota include: 90 Series Prado, 70 and 100 Series Landcruiser and Hilux, Camry/Aurion. Toyota Landcruiser Prado 150 Series Recommended Retail Price (RRP) starts from $1,680.

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The latest SmartBar for Toyota Landcruiser Prado 150 Series is suitable for 3Door SX and 5 Door GX, GXL, VX and Kakadu models.

SmartBar accommodates Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) parking sensors, OEM head light washers and OEM front camera. SmartBar is winch compatible up to 9,000 lbs/4,000 kgs.

For more information on the SmartBar product range please contact us on (08) 8382 5395 or your local distributor on 1300 301 320 or email us on [email protected]

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