Thursday, January 13th, 2011

David Abingdon, founder and CEO of The Alchemy Network, a business consulting and deal making organisation, will conduct a full-day seminar packed full of tools and resources on how to set up a successful business consulting or coaching practice.

This intimate one day event is for those who are thinking about making the move to consulting and for those who are already in consulting or coaching but are finding it difficult and are looking for additional skills, client generation techniques or opportunities.

The seminar will not only give participants a business consulting roadmap but also detailed step-by-step instructions on high income consulting and coaching. It offers a wealth of practical knowhow, tools and materials to get consultants onto the fast track to success as a Business Consultant or Coach.

The seminar will cover client generation and business building strategies of some of the most prolific and highest earning business consultants in the world. Participants will come away from the seminar armed with a easy to follow time tested consulting and coaching business system.

High Income Consulting And Coaching Seminar 

Date: Tuesday, February 8th, 2011
Time: 8.45am- 6pm
Location: The Grace Hotel, 77 York Street, Sydney

Key Benefits:

The Seminar not only gives a comprehensive understanding of the life of a successful Business Consultant and Coach, but it will also give the knowledge, methods and tools necessary to build a very successful business.

The seminar will show:


  • How to avoid the common but really dumb mistakes of promoting and selling consulting services.
  • How to eliminate the drudgery of cold calling while getting dozens of high potential, qualified prospective clients.
  • How to earn more per hour than most accountants, lawyers and other professionals earn.
  • How to be treated like a VIP as a keynote speaker, facilitator or visiting expert.
  • How to use an amazing little known-secret that doubles or triples response.
  • And much more... 


Program Presenters:
Your trainer and coach for the day is the ‘Consultants' Consultant’, David Abingdon. David has trained and mentored hundreds of business consultants and coaches from all over the world. He has also taken three companies from zero to multi-million dollar enterprises, each in less than 12 months and on this inspiring course he will show you his techniques so that you can do the same.

Sylvie Danoy, Managing Director of the Alchemy Network Australia, is dedicated to the growth and development of marketing and business growth specialists in Australia and New Zealand. After completing her MBA, Ms Danoy consulted to businesses to help them achieve their ambitions. She experienced the challenges and successes that lone consultants come across. She found the Alchemy Network offered the solutions she was looking for to the challenges she experienced when consulting. 


  • The Eight Key Attributes For Success.
  • How To Find Clients (10 powerful methods).
  • Positioning Yourself As The ‘Expert’.
  • Finding & Analysing What Your Client REALLY Wants.
  • Writing Winning Proposals.
  • How To Earn A 7 Figure Income From Consulting.
  • Where To Go From Here: Your Ticket To Success!
  • The Fast Start Consulting And Coaching Manual.
  • Seven Figure Consulting And Coaching Course Book.
  • Consulting & Coaching Worksheets
  • Positioning Tools
  • Resource Materials
  • Alchemy Business School Course Certificate
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The Alchemy Network

The Alchemy Network is a professional consulting organisation made up of professionals who share a common profile, experience, integrity and mindset. Our accredited members are trained to use our proprietary and proven business growth systems and programs to grow businesses in a systematic fashion and quickly. 

The Alchemy Network offers a unique business opportunity for those who wish to use their business experience to become a Partner in an international network of high earning, deal making professionals. For more information, go to
Sylvie Danoy
P: 0417 505 662


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