Thursday, January 13th, 2011
ISD will be presenting its groundbreaking consumer modeling technology at the AWA 4th Water Efficiency Conference in Melbourne in March 2011.

ISD’s sophisticated consumer modeling and forecasting tool SimulAIt has been successfully applied to predict consumer behavior, with validation showing greater than 95% accuracy.

Successful completion of two projects with Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment and Central Highlands Water to forecast water and energy use behavior of residential customers as water restrictions are eased in Victoria.

Forecasts showed that bounce-back (reversion) of water demand as restrictions ease will be gradual, and lower than pre-drought levels. This is due to severe water restrictions in the past forcing consumers to change their behavior, and those behaviors are more likely to be maintained given the long period in which restrictions have been imposed.

Forecasts also showed that residential water consumption was relatively insensitive to a 20% price increase. This was due to a high level of persistent behavior change in the community, and thus limited opportunity for residents to further reduce water consumption. Traditional economic approaches were insufficient in modeling these critical behavioral components, and thus fall short in accurately predicting consumption in this human-centric system.

The Victorian water industry is currently investigating the roll-out of SimulAIt for other water corporations across Victoria.

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ISD provides forecasting software solutions that allow you to better understand, predict and influence human decision making of large groups or populations.

Underpinned by its award winning micro-simulation platform SimulAIt, ISD's Behavioral Business Intelligence solutions enable you to model, test “what-if” scenarios, and accurately predict social behavior for both mass-consumer and internal organizational environments.

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