Thursday, January 13th, 2011
Director of Creative Possibility and Money Breakthrough Coach, Shannon Bush, today announced the launch of a new program ‘Abundance Masterclass’.  According to recent reports in the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne’s The Age newspapers, the second most popular new years resolution is financially related; ‘to save more money than I did last year’ or ‘to reduce or eliminate debt’. “With so many people facing increased money issues post Christmas it’s time to take charge of your life and get the support you need to turn around your financial worries. Abundance Masterclass will give you the tools to do just that”, explains Bush.

The program will teach women, through the use of creative tools and simple effective exercises to create positive money habits how to; eradicate debt; understand how their mindset influences their money and lifestyle; clear out any clutter that’s preventing them from making the sort of income they want and deserve and; establish and implement healthy ideas and actions around self value and more.

Bush shares her wealth of experience and the knowledge acquired as a certified Money Breakthrough Method TM coach through the Program open to women. “I am excited about working with women in a nurturing but powerful way to teach them how to empower themselves when it comes to money and value and in turn create an abundant life, one that is full of all sorts of riches including the financial kind” explains Bush who specialises in women’s empowerment, creativity and abundance and has seen first hand the issues that women can face in life and business that are often attributed to money issues. Much of the time the money issues are a result of underlying issues, often to do with a woman’s perception of her value.

Michelle, a recent client of Bush’s shares her experience; “Shannon helped me shift my mindset in regards to how successful I saw myself in my life; an area I had worked on prior, but still felt stuck in. We quickly got to the core of it and Shannon helped me develop a new perspective as well as a really awesome affirmation that I still use today. This has allowed me to stay more focused on what I want as well as what I already have”

“I see the same patterns repeated time and time again. When a woman has issues with her personal value she also has issues with her net worth,” Bush says. That’s why I added this important specialty to my business. “I want women to believe in themselves and know they can empower themselves to remove whatever challenges they have. No one has to live with constant worries about anything, money included. It’s just not necessary”

Through her business, Creative Possibility, founded in 2009, Bush has worked with hundreds of women across Perth teaching them how to constructively use their creativity to value themselves, improve their relationships and establish the right environment to empower themselves to create and authentically live rich, rewarding lives; “Many of the women I work with have believed living a happy, rewarding life was out of reach. Combine the right support and a safe, nurturing environment and it becomes easier to access your creativity; learn about abundance (life’s riches and financial wealth); and create personal empowerment to make lasting, impactful changes. The result is a woman empowered to support herself in a way that results in personal wellbeing and success”

For more information about the Abundance Masterclass Program commencing Monday 7th February, 2011 at Perth’s new Home Tree Living Centre in Balcatta and other programs at Creative Possibility refer to the 'Success Programs' link on the Creative Possibility website

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Creative Possibility

Creative Possibility is a life and business coaching practice based in Perth’s northern suburbs. Founded by Director, Shannon Bush ‘the Creative Possibility Coach’ in 2009, Creative Possibility offers a range of programs and services for women focusing on the principles of abundance, creativity and empowerment. Bush is a certified Money Breakthrough Method TM Coach, Transpersonal Art Therapist and has extensive experience in the arts and corporate health fields, offering her clients a creative but outcome focused approach that sees them create profound sustained changes for the better in their lives.

Bush was invited to speak at the 1st International Creative Arts Therapies Telesummit in August 2010 as the only non North American presenter and she was recently interviewed for a feature on Art Therapy in the current edition of the national 'Nature and Health' magazine.

Bush works in person in Perth's Northern Suburbs with services available at Perth’s Home Tree Living Centre, at Bush's home studio and via phone and on-line for clients based nationally and internationally
Shannon Bush
P: 0403 270 196


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