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Digital Mind Coach E-Books …Written By Perry Ritthaler
Published By Davis E-Book Publishing

Discover How To Control Ideas, Decisions And Affirmations

www.digitalmindcoach.com $12.95 Canada 9.61 MB

Psychology - Self-Help - -Over 120 Beautifully Full Colored Illustrations To Comfort The Thinking Mind- Learning how to control your ideas, your decisions, and your affirmations will quickly help you make positive, lasting and effective changes in your life, leading to personal empowerment, greater wealth, health and happiness. These are the most powerful psychological procedures for mind enhancement available in the world today.
Just by reading this e-book through a couple times, and with a little perseverance, you can build your confidence, increase your self-esteem, improve your mental focus and increase your ability to handle every day stress due to anxiety or tragedy. As importantly, you can greatly improve your performance in your work, enhance your everyday decision-making abilities, and elevate your mood in the process. Making the best decisions, having the best ideas, finalizing your affirmations, and gaining peace and comfort of mind are your final destination.

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Secrets To Finding Inner Happiness When Exploring A More Confident Mind, Or Retirement, And Ideas to Prevent Loneliness

www.digitalmindcoach.ca $8.95 Canada 4.5 MB

Psychology - Self-Help - Over 60 Beautifully Full Colored Illustrations To Comfort The Mind Of The Relaxed - The Secrets To Finding Inner Happiness can be discovered through a few simple steps of Psycho-Cybernetics, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and visual photographic stimulation. This amazing e-book has it all and will deliver to you the most powerful and unique combination of psychological procedures to obtaining inner happiness known in the world today. This incredible e-book does not stop at just helping you obtain inner happiness, it continues to tell you how to obtain a happier retirement and discovering the greatest secret of all - how to prevent loneliness.

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The Marketing Magnifying Glass

www.digitalmindcoach.net $12.95 Canada 8.14 MB

Business - Marketing - Over A 100 Beautifully Full Colored Illustrations To Comfort The Mind Of The Entrepreneur - Your dream is to be the world’s next top entrepreneur. You read this 'The Marketing Magnifying Glass' e-book, become persistent in what it tells you to do to enhance your performance, modify your behavior for a richer empowerment, instill your mind with the great knowledge of reducing or even eliminating stress in your every day life, and your next step...the top rung of the corporate ladder.
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Poems And Rhymes Exploring Soldiers, Faith, Politics, Love, Addiction, Insanity, And Weather

www.digitalmindcoach.org $8.95 Canada 6.45 MB

Poetry and Rhymes - Over 80 Beautiful Full Color Illustrations That Will Serenade The Sole Of The Caring And The Cared For - Angels speak to our souls and hearts and they call it poetry.

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