Tuesday, January 11th, 2011
The Real Body Plan is a simple and effective lifestyle solution for weight-loss, improved well-being and increased vitality. This amazingly simple and realistic program has been incorporated into a supportive membership website (www.RealBody.com.au) that offers one of the most unique and revolutionary new support tools available; a meal planning software program that will tailor design your very own weekly meal planners, with recipes and shopping list in less than 15 minutes…and that is just one of the fantastic membership benefits.

Comments made by members that followed the program and utilized the club’s offerings prior to the official launch commented “I began to see positive changes within my first week; I had more energy, my clothes felt looser, and I just felt generally better as a person – more self confident!” and “The best part about the plan is that I got some really amazing results whilst still being able to enjoy my favourite foods and eat more food than I ever thought I could whilst trying to shed my excess weight”.

Sonja is on a mission to educate real people about safe and effective weight-loss by exposing the myths, lies and untruths of the diet industry and giving people a real plan that is flexible enough to fit in with busy lifestyles. “My Real Body Club is a simple to stick to, healthy eating and realistic exercise program that works. I designed it for real people, like you and me, who really love food and want maximum results with minimum fuss, bother and hassle.”

“There are three important factors when it comes to losing weight; getting the right mindset, eating regular healthy meals and of course exercise, and that is also the order of importance. Unfortunately most diets and weight-loss programs these days are all about extremes and usually only deal with one or two of these areas; this is why most people cannot maintain their weight-loss long-term. The Real Body Plan is about creating positive lifestyle changes that are permanent, so that your weight-loss results are permanent also.”

Sonja knows only too well about the dangers of extreme dieting from personal experience; her weight obsession earlier in life led to a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting. After a bike accident in 2003 resulted in a crush fracture in her spine, Sonja was then diagnosed with borderline osteoporosis caused by her 10 years of yo-yo dieting and severe calorie restriction. Luckily, her doctor said that because she had also been strength training, this had kept the muscles strong around her bones and helped saved her life.

In addition to the official launch today of The Real Body Club, Sonja will also be launching two books at the beginning of August to compliment the website or for people who would like to follow the plan on their own. The two books are titled: Are You F.A.T.? (Fed up with dieting? Always self-conscious about your weight? Tired of wearing clothes that really don’t fit?) and a recipe book, Stop Starving Yourself and Get R.E.A.L.!.

For the first 100 members in January get an amazing New Years special offer, visit www.tinyurl.com/oxygenoffer for more information (get $379 worth of value for just $97!)

For more information, contact Sonja Falvo at Real Body Enterprises by phone (07) 5570 1751 or 0424 506 902, or via email [email protected]

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About Real Body Enterprises
• Real Body Enterprises aims to deliver a sensible, realistic approach to healthy eating and lifestyle to provide long-term fat loss, increased self-esteem and quality of life
• Real Body Enterprises wants to reduce the global epidemic of obesity in children and adults through education, support and a programs that will assist the Fitness Industry to deliver results to every person, every time
• Real Body Enterprises CEO Sonja Falvo is an author of two bestselling books, keynote speaker and has a strong passion for helping people to improve their long-term health, wellbeing and self-esteem
• Sonja Falvo was also Director of What Women Want Personal Training in Brisbane and National Fitness Manager for Fitness First in the UK
• Real Body Enterprises: Suite 1404/2865 Gold Coast Highway Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, (07) 5570 1751, 0424 506 902 or [email protected]
Sonja Falvo
P: 0755701751
M: 0424 506 902
W: www.realbody.com.au


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