Tuesday, January 11th, 2011
As owners of small to medium businesses plan their marketing activities for the year, they should review the 11 top marketing trends outlined in a free 2011 Marketing Trends Report released in Sydney today.

“Lots of small business owners are taking the opportunity to review their strategy and tactics for the coming year – and if they’re not they should be!” says Sydney Small Business Centre founder Amanda Falconer.

“Today, we’ve published the 11 Top Marketing Trends for 2011 to help spark ideas – as well as to highlight what the innovators and competition are up to,” she says.

The report outlines some of these key trends:
  1. Human vs robot – think high touch, an authentic story and the rise of the Online Conversationalist on one hand and smart automated comms on the other.
  2. Retreat vs connection - think digital sabbaticals, group doing-retreats and the rise of the Momentary Retiree on one hand and always-on mobile comms, geo-tagged promos and online-organised crowd meets and check-ins on the other.
  3. Lovingly made vs mass-ively cheap - Think the rise of the Refashionista, a premium for high touch, hand made and lovingly created on one hand and mass-produced or streamlined distribution on the other.
  4. Own vs. rent - think personalisation and mass-bespoke on one hand and shared ownership, software as a service and products for moment-by-moment use on the other – like the Vélib bike system in Paris, GoGet cars and Rhapsody.

Falconer says the report is less a collection of answers and more a set of vantage points. It's framed as a set of opposites because for almost any trend there’s another trend that’s its polar opposite.

She stresses that none of the trends developed overnight because trends aren’t fads. “What we’re concerned with here – and frankly what any driver of a small to medium business should be concerned with – is a direction that’s going to warrant investment and a payoff over time.”

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