Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Cat Edwards, Psychic Medium and Singer, will launch her ongoing fund raising event on Saturday, January 22nd, 7pm, at the Ipswich RSL.

Proceeds from the show and the sale of products from the website will be used to establish and sustain...

                                      THE PARENT HELPERS’ FOUNDATION
To provide In-House Support for Sole Parents of Children with Special Needs and Learning Difficulties.

Having a child with special needs is a challenge with two loving parents, but for Sole Parents it can become emotionally, physically and financially overwhelming, with little or no chance of respite. The Parent Helpers’ Foundation will provide this important and necessary support for those in our society seldom recognized or rarely given the essential service of in-house assistance.

Cat Edwards, Psychic Medium and Singer, knows too well the issues arising from having children with special needs. Cat has two sons with Autism and ADHD respectively. It has been her own isolated hardship which has led her to conceive and establish The Parent Helpers’ Foundation.

After hitting total burn out, I resolved to find a way to help Sole Parents
like me. So, I wrote my show, Spirit, Rock & Kindness and decided to
use proceeds from the show and from the sale of products from my website,
to create and fund the Foundation.”
Cat Edwards

In her one woman show, Spirit Rock and Kindness, Cat will tell Spiritual Stories, Sing, and give Psychic Readings.

Cat Edwards is a member of the Australian Psychic Association and has been a Professional Reader for 10 years. She has worked for the Australian Psychic Expo, the MBS Festival, the Psychic Extravaganza, as well as for various New Age shops and Corporate events. Cat is a qualified Civil Funeral Celebrant and J.P (Qual).

Cat’s show, Spirit Rock and Kindness has been created to fund the establishment and long term viability of The Parent Helpers’ Foundation.

This ongoing event, is planned to tour throughout Australia..

Tickets to the Opening Night are available at the Ipswich RSL and at the Spirit, Rock & Kindness Website.

For more information about the show, the Foundation and about Cat, check out the website, http://www.spiritrockandkindness.com. You can also find Cat Edwards at psychicfaces.com and on Facebook.

We kindly request that you acknowledge this launch and we thank you in advance.

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Happy Cat Productions

Happy Cat Productions is the parent company of the Psychic Show and Ongoing Fund Raising Event - Spirit, Rock & Kindness with Cat Edwards. Proceeds from the sale of tickets to the show and the sale of products from the Spirit, Rock and Kindness Website will be used to fund the establishment and sustainment of The Parent Helpers' Foundation.

Cat Edwards
P: 0439070055
W: www.spiritrockandkindness.com

The Parent Helpers Foundation

To be established and funded by proceeds from the Ongoing Fund Raising Event - Spirit, Rock & Kindness with Cat Edwards.

The aim of the foundation is to provide in-house support for sole parents of children with special needs and learning difficulties.
Cat Edwards
P: 0439070055
W: www.facebook.com/pages/The-Parent-Helpers-Foundation/167654246598814


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