Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Location intelligence company Integeo Iberia today announced that MicroStrategy Business Intelligence users can embed dynamic maps in their reports without leaving their familiar MicroStrategy environment.

Integeo Iberia has partnered with MicroStrategy specialist developer Solindata to provide the location intelligence capability via Integeo's Map Intelligence spatial hub*.

Alvaro de Gracia, Managing Director of Integeo Iberia, said, "MicroStrategy users can now link to the Map Intelligence spatial hub and get all the benefits of direct mapping capability from leading GIS servers such as ESRI, Geoserver and MapInfo. The hub also provides rich 3D spatial analytics, allowing users to export from Map Intelligence into Google Earth."

Arturo Jimenez, Chief Technology Officer of Solindata, added that MicroStrategy users now have access to rich spatial functionality in real time for better decision-making.

"By providing a solution completely integrated within MicroStrategy Web, users can now take advantage of a highly visual decision-making tool," Mr Jimenez said.

"They can now view data on a map and click through to quickly reveal insights that would take weeks to achieve using traditional GIS tools. Location intelligence is much in demand from MicroStrategy customers all over the world."
For more information:

English:  http://www.integeo.com/content/view/539/185/

Spanish: http://mapintelligence.es/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=99&Itemid=226

Contact: info @ integeo.com

About Solindata
Solindata is the Spanish leader in business intelligence (BI) consulting. Solindata helps companies to maximize the value of their data by delivering end-to-end solutions. Certified in MicroStrategy and Informatica, the Solindata team is specialized in building custom applications. The average experience of the company's consultants in the BI market is eight years, which ensures high quality results, on time and within budget.
Web: http://www.solindata.com/en/default.asp 

* Integeo is Inte[grated] geo[graphy] . The ‘spatial hub’ enables seamless interoperation between all major BI and GIS products. This is a breakthrough in location intelligence for business users because Map Intelligence puts them in control by greatly simplifying the process of model development and by eliminating the need for expertise in programming or deep application skills.

Contact Profile

Integeo Iberia

Based in Madrid, Integeo Iberia is the regional distributor, Spain and Portugal, for Map Intelligence™, the first intuitive platform for developing location intelligence applications

Integeo is a global leader in the converging fields of Business and Location Intelligence with its Map Intelligence ‘Spatial Hub’ bringing mapping visualizations and analytical capabilities to a diverse range of customers who cover all levels of government (Federal, State and local), banking and insurance, transport, police and emergency management and retail.

Leila Henderson
P: +618 8 8121 5264
M: +61 414 69 70 71
W: www.integeo.com/content/view/539/185/


Integeo Iberia has provided seamless web-based geospatial business intelligence capabilties to MicroStrategy users in partnership with Solindata.


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