Saturday, January 8th, 2011
The Swan Hill Region 1000 project is soon to be launched.

The project has been developed by local community group Sustainable Living in the Mallee (SLIM) which formed to assist the Mallee region in taking steps towards becoming more sustainable. The Swan Hill Region 1000 project aims to increase the amount of solar energy within the community while further developing the region’s solar industry. The project objective is to install photovoltaic (PV) systems on 1000 homes across the region which will offset more than 2,200 tonnes of carbon per year.

SLIM representative Jo Dacey said “it’s been a long process in organising the details, process and partners so we are very excited for it to be ready to launch’.

SLIM is pleased to announce project partner Eko Energy who will supply the solar technology, coordinate installation and run information sessions for the community. A local coordinator will also be appointed within the next few weeks.

“We chose a supplier based on many different aspects, their ability to deal with the paperwork involved in solar installation and working with local tradespeople and the community was just part of the selection process,” said Ms Dacey.

The project will launch on February 9th with the aim to role out many of the systems prior to the Government reducing Solar Credits rebates which will significantly increase the price of solar systems. This is scheduled to occur on 30th June 2011. Community members already registered will receive project information prior to the launch. Other members of the community can call the (Eko Energy) contact below or register on the Eko Energy website

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EKO Energy

EKO Energy is a division of Rezeko Pty Ltd. The business is passionate about bringing renewable energy within reach of every home, business, school and community. The company is has successfully completed more than 200 ‘solar neighbourhoods’ in Australia and is one of the largest solar installation businesses in the country.
Marcel Merkus
P: 03 9566 8325
M: 0408 586 436


Swan Hill region 1000 solar Homes - EKO Energy



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