Saturday, January 8th, 2011
Although designed in Australia rather than Denmark and produced in Sydney instead of Gemopolis, PENDANTS Australia hopes to rival Pandora for sales volume in the region. It is a lofty aim considering the current size of the company however Pandora began in Australia with just one lady and PENDANTS plans to do the same from just one man.

The recent completion of the company’s women’s line, the Oceania Collection of stunning sterling silver pendants is the perfect start. The collection consists of 20 icon pieces depicting familiar natural and man made beauties from the Oceania region, which, among others, comprises the inspiring countries behind the designs. Countries such as New Zealand, the Cook Islands and Fiji played a large role in the design of the collection.

PENDANTS Australia recently became a registered “Australian Made, Australian Grown” business and hopes that support from Australian and New Zealand jewellers can help the company maintain its proud, local manufacturing base.

Managing Director and founder of PENDANTS Australia Duncan Michaelis started the business with the challenging aim of keeping production local.

“Like our aim to be the Pandora of the pendants world, the goal of keeping our production in Australia is a tall order. Countries such as China, Thailand and India make offshore production so attractive to companies due to their extraordinarily low labour costs.” Michaelis hopes that a slightly lower margin for retailers won’t be enough to deter them from buying Australian Made.

The company is currently seeking stockists for the PENDANTS brand and hopes to also attract celebrities with its unique philosophy of designing jewellery with meaning. The exclusive nature of the highly polished, hand crafted pieces should certainly help their cause.

The complete women’s Oceania collection is available at The pendants range in price from $155 to $189. Potential stockists are encouraged to register at or simply phone 1800 036 669.

For further information, to organise an interview or to request hi-res images, please contact:
Duncan Michaelis on [email protected] or phone: (02) 9698 4024.

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PENDANTS Australia

Pendants Australia believes in ‘jewellery for life’ and that a pendant represents something much more meaningful than almost any other item of jewellery.
The idea behind our range of beautiful sterling silver pendants is that you’re giving a gift that really reflects the person you’re buying for and when choosing to purchase pendants for necklaces, you’re choosing to give one of the most heartfelt gifts there is.
Pendants Australia specialises in sterling silver pendants and silver necklaces which truly capture the essence of a person. As well as having such an individual and unique look, the Pendants Australia collections are Australian made, hand-crafted and come in the most beautifully polished sterling silver.
Pendants Australia’s competitors include household names such as Thomas Sabo, Pandora and even Tiffany’s. Globally renowned for their quality and beauty, this is the Pendants Australia notion too.
Browse our collections online and make a personal wish list for yourself or the person you’re buying for. Check out our latest collection, the Oceania Collection – inspired by the sea, with designs that twist in and around each other creating a really mystical oceanic feel.

Make sure you follow us on facebook and twitter for all of our latest updates.
Duncan Michaelis
P: (02) 9698 4024
M: 0405805522


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