Friday, January 7th, 2011
Marble is soft and porous so it is easy for dirt and grime to build up easier and faster.

One way to help reduce the build up of grime is to place a small rug at the entrance to the room so people can wipe their shoes as they enter.

It is very important not to use any harsh chemicals on marble floors. Any cleaning compound which has any kind of acid in it or any kind of abrasive cleaner can damage a marble floor.

One household cleaning product which can be used to clean marble is a mild dishwashing liquid. Just add any dishwashing liquid to water and mop the floor using a soft head mop. After mopping the floor with the solution of mild dishwashing liquid it will need to be mopped again with plain water to rinse it and remove any residue that may have been left by the dishwashing liquid.

Polishing marble floors can be done a few different ways. The most common way is to use a buffer with different grits or grades of buffing pads.

There are polishing powders and liquids which can be applied and buffed to bring out the gleam in marble floors.

The powder type takes about one ounce of wet powder and four ounces of water. This mixture is applied to the floor and buffed to do an area of about 16 square feet using a white polishing pad. The area should be buffed for about 30 seconds per square foot. After the buffing has been done the floor should be wet vacuumed to remove any residue.

Using a polishing liquid gives a marble floor a wet look and needs 4 to 5 drops about the size of a dime to polish an area 10 to 12 square feet. A white polishing pad is used to buff the floor.

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