Thursday, January 6th, 2011
Today, peak Australian electrical industry body, the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA), reinforced the Queensland Government’s electrical safety advice for residents in flood affected areas of the state.

The Queensland Government issued warnings about the dangers associated with electrical appliances and electricity in flood affected areas. (Media release from Attorney-General and Minister for Industrial Relations, The Honourable Cameron Dick, 5 January 2011)

NECA’s Media and Communications Manager, Mr Dominic Feenan, said the electrical industry agreed with the Queensland Government’s advice and encouraged affected residents to be extra careful of the potential electrical dangers during the clean-up efforts.

“The floods have been devastating and there is a massive amount of damage to properties and possessions across Queensland. As the flood waters ease, residents will be keen to begin on the clean-up but it is very important that no one attempts to use damaged appliances as there are very real electrocution risks,” Mr Feenan said.

“The electrical industry’s advice is not to use any water-damaged appliances due to the potential risks to the user. However, if residents or businesses choose to continue to use appliances that have been damaged then they should get them tested by an appropriately qualified contractor for peace of mind.”

“The testing is even more important as additional safety measures in your home like a safety switch may no longer be effective as it could have also been damaged by the flood waters.”

Many homes are also without electricity and the flood waters may have caused damage to existing wiring. The Queensland Government has advised that buildings including houses must be inspected by a licensed electrical contractor before electricity will be reconnected.

“The wiring in your home or business could be damaged and this can be very dangerous. Although an inspection may delay the electricity being reconnected, it is very important for residents and businesses especially at times like this to put safety first.

“We all know what happened after the failed federal government Home Insulation Program left electrical dangers lurking in the ceilings, so putting the safety of Queenslanders first is the right move,” Mr Feenan said.

For electrical safety information contact the Electrical Safety Office on 1300 650 662 or via their website at


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