Thursday, January 6th, 2011
Is it La Nina or just good luck? Regardless, amazing growing conditions in far north Queensland, where the bulk of Australia’s bananas are grown, means the best quality fruit is being harvested and offered at rock bottom prices in years.

Australian Bananas Marketing Manager David Chenu says, “As a result, today the Australian Banana industry is launching a public awareness campaign to alert consumers that it’s ‘banana bonanza’ time. The campaign features Australian NRL hero Billy Slater who hails from Innisfail and whose family has been closely associated with the banana industry for many years in far north Queensland.

All bananas sold in Australia are home grown. The industry has thrived for decades with ups and downs that are dictated by weather, but right now all the stars are aligned producing a bumper crop of premium quality in massive quantities,” he adds.

He says, “There has never been a better time to buy bananas and their prices mean they are the best value snack food by far.

“For some time the Australian Banana industry has been advocating consumption of a banana in preference to packaged snack foods because bananas excel in terms of the health and nutrition qualities they offer in relation to their price point.

“There is no snack that comes within ‘a bull’s roar’ of a banana when it comes to freshness, nutrition, convenience and cost. Right now bananas are 70 per cent cheaper than popular processed snack foods.

“Standing at the top of the nutrition ladder as the most cost-effective, bananas offer a lot more than a convenient source of carbohydrate for muscles and energy. They are a great source of vitamin B6, folate, potassium, magnesium and vitamin C to keep active people in good health, and all less than 100 calories and no fat. 

“Comparing costs, bananas should now be around $2/kilogram, whereas chips are $14/kg, chocolate biscuits are $17/kg and food bars are $22/kg. “

Put simply, a banana will cost around 50 cents for loads of nutrition and a popular chocolate bar $1.75 for far less but with added salt and fat.

“With the fruit at its peak and prices rock bottom, Australia’s banana industry believes now is the time to put our claims to the test.

“We are calling on all retailers to play their part in making the masses of high quality bananas available to consumers by passing on the benefits of significant supplies with great prices.

“Instead of a chocolate bar or a muesli bar, try a banana – save money and get heaps more goodness in an environmentally-friendly natural package,” he says.

Enquiries: David Chenu, mobile 0419 318 013

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Horticulture Australia Limited - Australian Bananas

Bananas are Australia’s No. 1 selling fruit, principally grown in the tropics of North
Queensland. Other banana growing areas are in sub-tropical Northern NSW, Southern
Queensland and Carnarvon in Western Australia. Small growing areas are also found near Darwin in the Northern Territory, and around Kununurra in Western Australia. The banana industry is one of the largest fruit growing industries in Australia and an important contributor to the economies of rural communities in banana growing areas. Bananas are among Australia’s top 10 supermarket lines.

On average 28 million bananas are consumed each week, which represents 13 kg per person a year, the equivalent of 60-70 bananas per person.
David Chenu
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M: 0419 318 013


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