Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

65 not out and going strong – the Baby Boomers reject becoming ‘old’
(Turning 65 – isn’t what it used to be)

The first of Australia’s five million plus Baby Boomers turns 65 in January 2011 which marks a milestone in the succession of this amazing group. But if you thought the Baby Boomers were just going to keel over and put their feet up – you’d be wrong. If the Government has their way, many of the Baby Boomers will still have to keep working well into their 70’s, particularly for the younger members. Many Baby Boomers have no intention of ‘retiring’ and cringe at the mention of the word ‘retirement’, according to Baby Boomer social researcher, David Stevens. For many, they are just getting on with the next phase of their lives, continuing to work, plan for their future. Settling down to a menu of golf days, long lunches, snoozing in the afternoon, and holidays appeals for a short time but not for life – there’s still so much to do!

“Ask a Baby Boomer if they are ‘old’ or ‘retired’ and you’d better be prepared for a tirade of expletives. 65 is no longer old. It might still be the yard stick that the Government and Statisticians use to divide the population, but it is outdated as a way to distinguish whether you are old or not as researchers from found when they interviewed Baby Boomers in the street”, said David Stevens.

The Baby Boomers are set to turn ‘ageing’ on its head and create new ways of approaching and changing their lifestyle in an expanded ‘middle’ years. They are salivating at the possibilities of doing something they always wanted to like going back to study for another career or just because they want to. Giving back to their communities in specific ways that make a difference like Landcare or helping young people in trouble. Developing a better work – life balance by working part time and stretching back, spending more time with family, or going fishing.

“The desire is often there but how to get involved in things or get inspired by others can be a stumbling block for some people”. The website has responded by creating easy to follow segments to link people with information on things ranging from taking up a new sport at any age through to planning your career over 50, volunteering opportunities in your local community, and for the very different but important rescuing turtles on our beaches”.


For more information, please contact David Stevens, Social Researcher, Babyboomers Pty Ltd. Phone 0400 287 970 or visit us
Babyboomers Pty Ltd operates the website. The company was listed in 2000 and has been monitoring the needs of Baby Boomers and developing concepts and understanding around these needs since that time. David Stevens – Baby Boomer Social Researcher has a background in psychology and research. His body of work includes research into the future needs of the Baby Boomers for health and ageing, lifestyle communities, and prevention, over a 25-year period. This has included overseas study and commissioned research incorporating the population needs in the US, UK, and Asia.

Contact Profile is a lifestyle website aimed specifically at the Baby Boomer population of over 5 million in Australia. The website provides up to date information, fact sheets, and articles of general interest, aswell as games, polls and weather details.
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