Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Any good builder will tell you that roof ventilation is critical for maintaining the integrity of your home. What they might not tell you is that not all roof space ventilators are created equal.

When you think about a roof space ventilator, do you think about a Wind Turbine or Whirlybird? You do? Well it’s time to think again! Solar Power offers a much more powerful & reliable ventilation option since it works best when the suns out!

A Solar Star Roof Fan by Solatube, for example, works from dusk til dawn to draw out moisture and heat from the roof, meaning less chance of mould damage and a hot, stuffy environment.

With the warm humidity of an Australian Summer making many homeowners crank up the air-con, an effective Solar Star Roof Fan by Solatube is vital for a cool, safe and comfortable home, without increasing your energy costs.
What’s so different about a Solar Star unit?

  • It’s completely solar powered so uses no electricity & costs nothing to run, ever!
  • It’s extremely quiet, unlike those squeaky wind turbines.
  • It can be installed in less than 30mins, and fits ALL roof types
  • Has a new thermostat control that works when you need it and
  • Is unobtrusive in appearance and installation.

In fact the Solar Star Roof Space Fan is so effective that just one unit works to the same efficiency as 10 Wind Turbine Roof vents. So, you can significantly reduce the temperature in your home, without having to turn on the air conditioning; a massive saving for you and the environment!

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