Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Sydney SEO (search engine optimisation) firm JustWeb* today released its Internet Usage Statistics for 2010, revealing that Internet Explorer usage has dropped by about 10%.

Also apparent in the website traffic report is that, unsurprisingly, more people are using mobile devices to surf the web, and about 2.5% of people are still using dialup, but the majority of users are on broadband, whether it be DSL, Cable, or T1 connections.

Google retains its crown as the search engine king, with just over 85% of search engine traffic to JustWeb* coming via the Mountain View behemoth. This figure of course may not be so for the Internet in general, but it is certainly true for JustWeb* and a good indicator of Google's reach. Bing has increased its reach somewhat, but Yahoo! Has remained unchanged from 2009.

Rob Arn of JustWeb* says that Microsoft operating systems are still well ahead of the pack in terms of number of users, with Windows XP is STILL the most popular Microsoft OS by far.

"Fewer people are using Vista, and more people are now using Windows 7, but the majority of new Windows 7 users seem to have been ex-XP users," Rob says.

"In the past, the Vista operating system has cost me so much downtime, it would be impossible to quantify. However, Microsoft seems to have got it right with Windows 7 - very reliable, easy to use, and well worth the upgrade from Windows XP. But changing from Vista to Windows 7 would be almost like having a holiday from a crappy job."

204 countries are represented in the JustWeb* Internet statistics, but the majority of visitors originate from Australia. Almost 90% of visitors were new, thus giving a figure of approximately 247,000 unique user statistics are available for JustWeb* to analyse.

Telstra, or BigPond, is far and away the most popular ISP (Internet Service Provider) among JustWeb* visitors.
In the months January through to December 2010, the website attracted 274,691 unique visitors from 204 different countries, who used 80,333 different keyword phrases to find the website. In 2009, the JustWeb* website had 201,417 unique visitors, which equates to an increase of roughly 36%.

"It seems to me that things changed more dramatically in 2008 to 2009, compared to 2009 to 2010. Whereas Apple products have made some gains, I wouldn't call them significant, although in this market even a slight change of a couple of percent is worth a bundle to a manufacturer," Rob says.

The way to attract more traffic and gain a broader reach is to consistently update your website, adding new content, and to use effective search engine optimisation techniques, including social media (eg, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and press releases (eg NewsMaker), to make sure search engines (and people) reward your efforts. Google has stated for some time now that good site construction and fresh, relevant content is the way to get noticed. It seems to work for JustWeb*.

To see the full stats report, please visit the Internet Usage Statistics - 2010 page.

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