Sunday, January 2nd, 2011
A new system for fighting floods deploys protection the equivalent of 10,000 sandbags within half an hour, requiring just two people. The NOAQ Tubewall provides local communities with a new advantage to combat future floods, and is now available in Australia.

The system provides communities with a tactical flood-fighting weapon to keep roads open and protect property quickly, before floodwaters hit. 400 meters of flood protection can be deployed within a couple of hours, instead of days, as is the case with sandbags, using comparable resources.

“Yes, it’s been frustrating to watch the floods in Queensland and New South Wales, knowing we can offer the NOAQ Tubewall. Many of the local communities that have been hit by floods have expressed interest. But the GFC has crippled a lot of municipal budgets. The timing has been terrible, but we hope that before the next flood session we can deliver stock,” says Kimon Lycos Director of SWETEK, Australian agents for NOAQ.

“It’s not just the speed to deploy that’s impressive, it’s the speed to remove. There are plenty of volunteers when the flood waters rise, but it’s often left to Emergency Services to remove 10’s of thousands of sandbags once the threat is over. Cleanup represents exorbitant costs and is a drain on exhausted resources,” says Kimon Lycos

Unlike traditional sandbagging or modular systems, no heavy equipment is required to install the NOAQ Tubewall. This greatly reduces ground damage, because as saturation starts to occur, heavy machines and bulky systems tear up the ground, creating a massive quagmire.

Made from specially reinforced PVC, the NOAQ Tubewall is simply rolled-out; sections zipped together and then inflated using blowers. Once used, they are rinsed off and rolled back up for storage.

“We conducted an exhaustive global search for the smartest and best temporary flood protection system. Other systems, which typically use pallets, were not as attractive, because they struggle with ground saturation and inherent instability problems during long term deployment. The pallets are also often contaminated from filthy floodwaters, so they need to be burned or disposed of, which is not a very cost effective or environmentally friendly solution,” says Kimon Lycos.

Winner for innovation by the BBC’s “Best Invention” program, the NOAQ Tubewall ingeniously uses the naturally occurring pressure from the floodwaters as the strengthening force. The ground skirt provides anchorage, while the tube sections provide a barrier that can be used around buildings, uneven ground or as an addition to existing levees.


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Swetek and NOAQ are delivering the world's most advanced and effective systems for fighting floods. As the Australian agent, Swtek is dedicated to providing customer support and services to make the most from NOAQ's incredible innovation, to fight floods in the mosr cost effective manner possible.
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