Sunday, January 2nd, 2011
GoKids Seminar – Make A Difference!

Let's make a difference this February 2011. GoKids, together with the community, will be sponsoring 120 places for disadvantaged teenagers and their parents, with 80 places open to the public for all parents and teenagers.

At GoKids, we believe that every child should have the right to strive for excellence. As part of GoKids ongoing support of our community, we would like to run a seminar especially for teenagers who are from a disadvantaged group in the community and who do not have access to personal development seminars

Why are we doing this? We would like to provide an opportunity and avenue for all teenagers to learn the skills to channel their energies constructively into the things that matter most to their success. Let’s help them to find PURPOSE in life, and find FOCUS and MOTIVATION in what they do.

Disadvantaged Teenagers that will be sponsored by GoKids will be from areas such as:

• Families who have experienced substance abuse
• Divorced families
• Single parent families with no support for a parent and child relationship
• Teenagers who are homeless, but have families to go back to.

Please help us help the kids:

To the general public, we need your assistance. Please help us help the children by sponsoring them. You can do so by selecting "Donation" from the ticket section, and feel free to specify any amount you would like to donate. As a thank you for your donation, we will have your name listed below the page as a Thank You for your donation, for helping us helping the teenagers and their family find PURPOSE in life, and find FOCUS and MOTIVATION in what they do.

We welcome suggestions from the public as to which organisation we should approach to invite the disadvantaged teenagers. Contact us on [email protected] or call Lay-Ean Eng on (02) 9881 5890 or 0409 223 282

For more information of GoKids Make A Difference Seminar and to find out about our trainers for the day, please visit: or


For Further Information:
Lay-Ean Eng – GoKids Founder
Telephone: 02 9881 5890
Mobile: 0409 223 282
E-Mail: [email protected]

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GoKids specialises in the delivery of programs that advance the development of the Emotional Competencies of students.

Our aim is to encourage students to be successful, healthy and respectful in the classroom and beyond. Our focus is a happy and balanced child, and one who is motivated, excited and successful in his or her endeavour in life. Let them learn the skills now and practice them throughout their schooling, in the workforce and beyond....It is never too early to start!!

Lay-Ean Eng
P: (02) 9881 5890
M: 0409223282


Lay Ean Eng, GoKids, help Discadvantaged Youth find PURPOSE in life, and find FOCUS and MOTIVATION in what they do.



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