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According to two Australian studies the average Australian spent $1,226 on items they simply didn’t use and 88 per cent of homes have at least one cluttered room, with the average home has three or more cluttered rooms.

This isn’t a surprising revelation to Louise D’Allura, Home Economist/ Nutritionist and Personal Organiser at Revamp Professional Organisers Pty Ltd.

“At this time of year when we are taking stock of the year and decade that has flown by, we look back at how we spent our time.   Spending just a tiny 10 minutes a day looking for something you can't find can add up to 60 hours in a year!  Think about how much money you might have spent buying the same thing because you couldn’t find it, or how many times did you move over the last decade because your home became too small to fit your belongings?  How many takeaway meals did you eat because you didn't know how to menu plan and just ran out of time?”

They encourage their clients to find just 10 minute pockets as a starting point to get organised and feel a little bit in control.

“Most people have collected a large number of items either from living life, through sales, garage sales, and from their children's creative talents. The task of working out what to organise, give away, or throw away can be overwhelming” said Ms D’Allura.

Louise D’Allura, Director of Revamp Professional Organisers Pty Ltd, works alongside people in their homes to organise their clutter. One of the questions they are asked most often is what they should keep.

“There are a few major reasons people hold on to items they no longer use - they're afraid of offending someone by throwing away a gift; they're afraid they'll need the item later on; or they don't want to be wasteful.  Most clients say, ‘I can't get rid of this; so-and-so gave it to me,' and when we look at the item it is still in the box – and has never been used, in some cases it is still wrapped. The sales are also a trap for people who love a bargain. When they see a great one, they feel like they need it or they're passing up on something." Said the Accomplished Professional Organiser.

Many of Revamp Professional Organisers Pty Ltd’s clients are time poor high achieving professionals and busy mums that have either had a long struggle to get organised, or for others something has happened and their organising skills have been challenged. For many of their clients the road to getting organised has been a mystery.

“A lot of our clients just can’t work out why their home space doesn’t hum along as efficiently as they do at work (or used to)! The difference is they have the support of colleagues and personal assistants who know them and how best to support them. In the domestic setting it is completely different when it is just you and you need to analyse how best to do it.”

We help our clients pinpoint the thinking and organising errors that lead to pantries stacked full of spices, kitchens full of gadgets, Tupperware and junk draws, wardrobes full of clothes, bulging cook book collections and home offices cluttered with 10 years of paperwork, and family meals cluttered by too many takeaways.” Said the Qualified Home Economist/ Nutritionist and Personal Organiser.

Sometimes it can also be an emotional process. “One thing that being a personal organiser teaches you is that you have to be responsive to how a client is feeling, and energy levels. For example instead of sorting through painful mementos, you might need to doing a less intense task for the rest of the session.”

“Being able to help them move forward in a more positive direction is so rewarding. After only a couple of sessions they start to feel the result – they really do feel physically different."

Revamp's tips on How to Get Organised, 10 minutes at a time!

  • Take 10 minutes each day to put things away. 
  • If you bring something in, send something out
  • Set aside 10 minutes a week as your ‘book it in’ time to make appointments with a doctor, your accountant, a handyman or a friend. 
  • Go through your wardrobe and choose five articles of clothing you never wear and drop off to your favourite charity clothing bin.
  • Take a look at all your makeup and find the ones you never use or are old, expired prescriptions and anything else you don't need! 
  • Reunite toys – Get the kids to walk around with green shopping bags and put in any stray toys. Putting them away is tomorrow's 10-minute organising project!
  • Do a Junk Draw Power Purge – grab a garbage bag, pick through anything no longer needed and toss it
  • Set an alarm for 10 minutes and do a power purge of your Inbox full of Emails!
  • To tame your disorganised folders Set aside one minute per folder and recycle any papers you no longer need

Contact Louise D’Allura on 0408 723 559 or via their website if you'd like some hands on help.

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Revamp Professional Organisers Pty Ltd is a Brisbane-based professional organising company that helps busy people with all sorts of distractions, find a better balance between the things they need to do and the things they love to do. They work with busy professional women as well as busy full time mums with a professional past, to simplify every day life by getting kitchens and pantries and home paperwork organised, teaching menu planning skills with a twist, and how to Get Organised for Healthy Eating.

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