Saturday, January 1st, 2011
"SPOKE" makes improetry!
23 Feb 2011
4.30 – 6.00 pm X-Space

Improv Poetry Workshop


So you think you can write/rap/perform/act/speak/slam?

SPOKE throws down the gauntlet for ALL comers. Step up and step OUT of your safety zone in this 1 ½ hour workshop on poetry improvisation.

You’ll be taken on a twisted journey through strange time zones where one minute can seem like an eternity and words such as ‘cauliflower’ can morph into anything your imagination fancies.

Guided by two incredible forces of nature: Teri Louise Kelly, a five book author and survivor (and guest artist), of several UK Poetry Improvisation Slams; and Daniel Watson, Paroxysm Press publisher and MC of the SA Poetry Slams, you’ll be taught how to think on your feet and slam out magnificent musings on random offerings from your peers, or at least to ramble on incoherently for forty seconds while your mind does backflips as the audience cries!

THIS is a journey you can’t afford to miss!

SPOKE is Adelaide’s new mini-festival celebrating the art and craft of writing. The festival boasts a slew of award winners, scene celebrities and multi-taskers, all from our own local, inner-city, urban and indigenous pool of writers.

SPOKE is part of the 2011 Adelaide Fringe and will be opened by Robyn Archer at AC ARTS in Light Square on 22 February.

SPOKE will then offer showcases, forums and workshops until 25 February 2011.

Spokesperson for the Festival Committee David Jobling says, “We named our festival SPOKE for the words dual meanings. Festivals generally provide everyone with an opportunity to interact and reflect on what’s been said, but we also acknowledge that apart from the obvious past tense of ‘speak’, writers are like the radial members of a wheel ‘joining the hub to the rim’. Their ideas link people via the page, stage, virtual platform, whatever... Their works feed our cravings for communication, reflection and inspiration. Once it’s broken down, you find the out-put of writers is a vital spoke supporting the wheel of every creative process. Be it static storytelling, prosaic poetry, or kinetic entertainment, writers writing words has something to do with it and, we find the imagery of a wheel very assuring as it represents one of the most significant inventions in the history of our species, along with words, language and writing. So, to celebrate this age old activity, SPOKE offers a short series of interactive workshops, showcases and forums, bound to invigorate, entertain, challenge and inspire anyone interested in writing and reading.”

The SPOKE festival deliberately showcases genres that don’t necessarily find a voice in other writer’s festivals. Jobling says, “Poetry, spoken word, play scripts ... not just prose; it’s more energetic and involving than just prose. The AC ARTS facility provides a brilliantly dynamic purpose built setting for our labyrinth of activities. Instead of swatting flies or worrying about sunburn you can relax and focus on the moment at hand. It’s got air conditioning, access for people with disabilities, internal refreshment areas and toilets. In every event the building provides an opportunity to visit some very energetic creative people in a comfortable environment.”

Jobling insists, “It’s a mini-festival, the whole thing is a highlight! The ‘SPOKE Breaks a leg’ showcase/forum, ‘Improv Poetry Workshop’; every poet should take a walk on the wild side with the spontaneous poetry jammers at the ‘Improv Poetry Slam’. Daredevil poets work their passionate raw roars and rhythms without nets! Best described as ‘entertaining’ and ‘inspiring’, these improvised lexicon leaping events are very big in the UK and the US. Now for the first time in South Australia, Spoke makes ‘IMPROETRY’ with our Improv Poetry Workshop followed by a live Improv Poetry Slam with cash prizes. No one should miss this,” he enthuses.

The ‘SPOKE-N First’ and ‘Loud-N-local’ events present aboriginal extensions of hip hop and rap. Both events showcase wordsmiths from all over South Australia, here for a rare gathering of indigenous writers to hold their own series of workshops and meetings concurrently with SPOKE as well as making presentations of their work in these sessions.

“SPOKE is created by writers, so we know that while every writer does love a challenge, they don’t all want to be in a spotlight, so we’ve got something for those scribes as well,” explains Jobling. “Come get a glimpse of the new frontier at the ‘Virtual Sense forum’. Hear how writers interact with new technologies and push the electronic envelope. ‘SPOKE Puts out’ is another unmissable event. Startlingly short original plays presented live, hosted by Rob de Kok.

“Rob has been busy recruiting material via SA Writers’ Theatre and other networks, so this promises to be a very entertaining event”.

The SPOKE team is made up of professional writing students, graduates and teaching staff of the AC ARTS Professional Writing Advanced Diploma Course, Adelaide TAFE.

The full SPOKE program is available on line at
And there is also Facebook Group

SPOKE Writers Festival
at AC ARTS, Light Square
22 - 25 February 2011.
Part of the 2011 Adelaide Fringe

Guests include

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