Friday, December 31st, 2010
With major energy retailers announcing the price of electricity will increase by as much as $60 from 1 January 2011 and the cost of electricity expected to double by 2015, Australians are increasingly turning to alternative sources of energy - with solar power coming out at the top of the list.

The nation’s largest provider of solar power systems, Solar Shop Australia, has experienced a significant spike in enquiries following the latest round of quarterly electricity bills hitting households, seemingly shocking people into action.

With the average quarterly bill expected to jump to around $950 in the next five years, households will be out of pocket by an extra $180 each month, applying serious pressure to already stretched budgets.

Research by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows the average power bill in Sydney has already risen by an astonishing 61.3 per cent in the past five years, with Melbourne also seeing an enormous 56.8 per cent increase. Prices in Brisbane have also increased by 50.7 per cent and Canberra has experienced a 45.9 per cent rise.

Darwin and Perth have experienced a similar level of increase with both cities seeing a 36 per cent hike in prices and, while Adelaide has seen the smallest rise, home owners are still feeling the pinch with prices increasing by 16 per cent .

Solar Shop Australia Head of Corporate Development, Chris Stewart, said while the installation of solar power systems has risen significantly over the past three years, electricity remains the primary source of energy for 99.9 per cent of Australians.

“Despite there being plenty of interest in solar power, people are still relatively cautious when it comes to taking the leap of faith. However, it’s clear the tide is slowly turning as more and more people experience the overwhelming benefits solar power delivers,” Mr Stewart said.

“By investing in solar power, consumers will reduce their level of dependency on power companies protecting themselves against skyrocketing electricity prices and, in doing so, putting the power literally back in their hands.”

Mr Stewart said there are long-term financial benefits of investing in solar and in many cases, thanks to government incentives and rebates, households are enjoying significantly reduced, to zero power bills, and can even earn money by putting energy back into the grid with state based feed-in-tariffs.

“People today have larger houses with more things in them including power hungry plasma televisions, computers and air conditioners. It is unlikely people will stop using these appliances, so now’s the time to explore other ways of making their use more affordable,” said Mr Stewart.

“Solar power allows people to tap into the free resource of the sun. Renewable energy is the better option when it comes to powering your home, as it is investing in the future, both economically and environmentally.”

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